What Makes Smart Lock Manufacturers a Good Choice?

When it comes to smart lock manufacturers, Be-Tech is the first name that comes to our mind. The company is known for making high-end digital and smart locks for doors. These locks assure maximum performance and security and are exported to various countries in the world.

One of the best products of the company is smart door locks for the family bedroom R665F-00. This locks can efficiently work in any kind of door and provide much need for safety and security.

Features of smart locks to look at:

The following are some of the features of the smart locks manufactured by Be-Tech.

Superfast finger identification.

The latest technology has been used for making these smart door locks. They are very efficient in that they can read your fingerprint in a single shot. This speaks a lot about the quality of these locks.

Automatic lock.

The manufacturers have provided the feature in these smart locks to get locked automatically after some seconds of their opening. They can also be closed manually.


Now, when we talk about the notification feature, it is pretty amazing that it lets you know about what is happening to the lock at this time. you get notified by LED lights about the battery level and other statuses of the lock.

Easy to install.

To install these locks, you will not have to find someone with big experience and skills. A simple electric mechanic can easily install them in your bedroom doors in no time.

What Makes Smart Lock Manufacturers a Good Choice?

Benefits of smart locks you can enjoy:

Now, we are going to look at some of the many benefits you are going to enjoy by installing the locks by the smart lock manufacturers, Be-Tech.

One-time investment.

The material used for the manufacturing of this smart locks is aluminum alloy and ABS. This ensures that these door locks are very durable and reliable. You will only have to get them installed once and you are all good for many years.

Security and safety are guaranteed.

When it comes to the safety and security of your room and its belongings, no one compromise on it. That’s what these smart locks are for. They ensure you that no one enters your room without your permission. The fingerprint is so sensitive that it will immediately detect any strange hand and will let you know immediately.

Best for indoor use.

This smart locks R665F-00 are specially designed for the bedroom doors. In fact, they are perfect for bedroom doors. They will ensure maximum security for your room’s belongings and privacy for you.

Easy exit in panic situations.

Sometimes people get concerned about their exit in emergency situations and hesitate in installing smart locks. But with these smart locks, you have the option to open the door from inside by using the handle in any panic situation. So, you will not find any difficulty in that.


· The lock allows you to add 20 fingerprints.

· The battery life of these smart locks is great and can work for months.


If you are looking for well-reputed smart lock manufactures, you should definitely give a chance to Be-Tech. The smart locks manufactured by this company are super easy to use and ensure maximum security and safety.

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