Commercial Door Locks for Commercial Security Aid!

Commercial door locks by Be-Tech are one of the best digital door locks in China. These door locks provide multiple access to the users. For instance, users can access commercial door locks with the fingerprints, pin code, or RF card key. It’s totally the choice of users to use any of these access options as per their convenience. Multiple access not just provides convenience to users, but also enhance the safety of their home or apartment. This type of digital lock is best suited for the family entrance door. The key feature that makes Be Tech’s commercial door locks distinctive from others is one-touch fingerprint verification. It means users can access their door lock in just 1-2 seconds as this digital lock can read an authorized fingerprint in one shot. This feature is responsible for better security as just the authorized individuals can access the door locks. In this way, there will be the least chances of break-ins.

Isn’t it amazing to have a digital door lock with an automatic locking feature? Well, you will be glad to know that commercial door locks by Be-Tech come with an automatic locking system. It means this door lock will lock automatically after a few seconds once being closed by the user. Of course, manual operation is also present. Another best thing about these digital door locks is the scramble code. It means users can enter random numbers before entering the right code if they suspect any exposure to others.
Commercial Door Locks for Commercial Security Aid!
If in case you or your family member loses the key, you can invalidate the key so that it won’t work. To use the rest of your keys, you have to re-register them. Isn’t it a great security measure? Commercial door locks also come with a mechanical key. So, in case of an emergency, you can easily unlock the door lock with the mechanical key. The anti-panic exit system is also available for the convenience of users. With this system, users can unlock a digital door lock from inside by turning its handle.

To provide better security to the homeowners, Be-Tech has introduced an alarm system in their commercial door locks. An alarm will ring if an incorrect pin code, RF card, or fingerprint is entered 5 times. This alarm will keep on ringing for 60 seconds, which is enough to scare the intruder. It’s important to replace the batteries on time for the proper functioning of a digital door lock. The Be-Tech’s commercial door locks give a low battery warning signal with its constant “beep” sound whenever the door is accessed. In this way, users can replace the batteries well on time. To conclude, it can be stated that commercial door locks by Be Tech provide convenience and safety to the users. Their door locks are also stylish and have stainless steel lock case. These locks can fit in any door having a thickness between 40-80mm. They just require 4*1.5 VAA alkaline batteries for their usage.

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