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Be-tech introduces a new perspective to home security with its integrated range of Digital Home & Hotel Security Solutions; allowing you to control multi-dimensional aspects of Home & Hotel access through a single locking device, as per your specific lifestyle and at the leisure of your convenience.

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Upgrade Your Home’s Security With an Electronic Door Lock From Be-Tech’s

Home security starts with the lock on your front door. That’s why Be-tech’s carries electronic door locks, designed to provide greater control over access to your home and make you feel safe whether you’re there or away. Whether you’re looking for electronic door locks for business, like hotel electronic door locks, or residential options, like for an apartment, electronic door locks increase security and peace of mind.

These types of locks are designed for use on exterior doors. So along with the front door, you can add a patio door electronic lock or an electronic garage door lock to upgrade locks on the other main entry points of your home. You can choose to use an electronic handle, which combines the electronic lock and door handle into one unit, or opt for an electronic deadbolt that will take the place of the existing deadbolt above your door handle.

Electronic door locks come with a variety of benefits, including a programmed numeric code on the keypad for entry. This eliminates the need to always have a key on hand, though some electronic door locks still have keyed backup in case of battery failure. Key fob electronic door locks offer another option for keyless entry, and you can even opt for electronic door locks with app control, like the Be-tech electronic door lock. These make it easy to grant access from anywhere and allow you to track things like comings and goings, all from a smartphone app.

If keeping up with keys is too much of a hassle or you need to allow people into your home on a regular basis, investing in an electronic door lock can make your life easier — and more secure. Shop at Be-tech’s to upgrade your lock today.

Electronic or Digital locks are electronic or battery-operated locks that do NOT require the use of physical keys for access. They’re used as an alternative to the conventional mechanical locks, with the automated features giving a more creative security solution depending on its intended use.

Like any other door lock, digital locks also use a latch or a bolt that can run across the door and the doorframe to prevent access. What differs is how the latch or bolt is controlled. Digital locks work by the use of any of the following: RFIDs, Pin codes, fingerprints, smartphones, and more.

Digital locks are commonly found on cars and doors, but they can also be used for lockers, furniture and cabinets. Reviews of these locks for cars and doors are sometimes mixed, but for businesses who use lockers and cabinets, the benefits of digital locks are greater compared to the traditional key locks.

There are numerous benefits when using digital locks, especially for various businesses. They’re generally more economical, with no need for any physical keys (except for RFIDs that may need keycards). They can also keep records of who accessed which locker at what time. This comes in handy for those businesses that need to keep track of their logistics. One example would be the medical industry where their supply of medicine should be monitored.

Not all digital locks are smart. The following are some of the general features that a digital lock can be defined as a smart lock:

  • Several authentication methods or backup
  • Multiple access solutions
  • Alarm integration
  • Tamper-proof integration
  • Custom programming
  • Customized LED signals
  • Troubleshooting options
  • Smartphone operated

There are only a few lock models out there that are smartphone operated, including Be-tech Locks. Troubleshooting, lock programming and lock management are easier when done on mobile or tablet.  This gives businesses more control over their locks and better user experience for the end-user. For example, a gym can easily set up multiple locks for their lockers and assign them to specific members. The gym members then can set up their pins via an app on their mobile.

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