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Professional Intelligent Smart Hotel Solution

Products from hotel Locking System Solutions (formerly Hotel Solutions) include electronic locks, safes, minibars and several accessories and keycards.

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hotel Locking Systems Solutions

Hotel door lock systems are a big investment for hotels and the right door lock technology can allow hotels of all sizes to upgrade their locks without the need for expensive technology.

Be-tech Locks Systems has become a global leader in delivering access control for hospitality. By developing and delivering the most advanced technology the industry has ever known, Be-tech empowered property owners and managers worldwide with new ways to secure guests, manage staff, and protect assets.

Combining easy-access, digital key and smart guest rooms, with unified property management systems that protect individuals and assets is a unique challenge for every hospitality business – from luxury to midscale hotels, independent to large chain, cruise ship to convention & conference hotels

Be-tech has developed advanced and aesthetically designed hospitality-specific electronic access control solutions that set a new standard in the industry– from back-of-house organization to guest room management – with one easy to use system for hotels of all types and sizes.

They’re hyper-connected, centrally-connected, super-secure, easy to use with or without a phone or Wi-Fi, and a central part of your hotel management network. Who makes the best hotel door lock systems? We’ve chosen Be-tech hotel room locks below due to their reliability and security.

Want safety locks for hotel doors locks that can help save an average of $1,000 per month in discarded RFID keycards? At Be-tech Locks, we provide the hardware, software, and personalized guided support to hotels who want to digitally transform their operations. 

There’s no denying smart hotel door lock technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years, making a connected system a smart choice – Be-tech Locks! – for your next hotel door lock revamp.

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