Have A New Access Control System To Secure Your Commercial Building

If you are upgrading your office locks, the most important thing that you look for is the access control system suppliers that offer you easy controlling systems. Usually, when a whole building, gets an upgraded system, there is bound to be a new access control system. Before buying any access control system, one should always make sure that it is easy to install in your building. People only focus on becoming cost-effective when it comes to spending money but choosing a perfect access control system gives you centralized security. This way you can control all your doors in your building or at least on your floor without going to each room.

Be-Tech is the leading smart lock factory and supplier in China. Be-Tech provides various types of digital locks to their access control system suppliers and agents all over the world. The company not only manufactures the lock but also manages them by manufacturing access control systems for them. When someone buys the smart locks, they also buy access control systems. The access control system is according to locks complications, so these are installed at a central location at the building or a floor. Mostly it is being used in Gyms, parking barriers, conference rooms, offices, and other commercial places. Access control panels are everywhere and mostly used for commercial applications as well.

Have A New Access Control System To Secure Your Commercial Building

Here, have a look at one of our access control systems to get a better idea of what they are and how to operate them on your own at your building. Have a look:

The DCU model 2700 M has its own setting. It can be used for door locks that have twin reader mounting on both sides. But this feature is optional, if you want it, be our guest, if you don’t, save it for some other day. The access control system suppliers ensure that the client gets the snap-on mounting designing when they are installing this at their homes. For emergency exit, the access control system has an inward wireless ‘Door Exit’ switch that can be used for simple out and go. These access control systems are also compatible with all new security locks made by Be-Tech Asia Limited in recent years.

Some of its features are mentioned here.

The Door Control Unit comes with a reader.

Dimensions of this 2700M are as follows:

1) The Height is 153 mm / 6.02 inch.

2) The Width of this control panel is 78 mm / 3.07 inches.

3) The Depth of it is around 22 mm / 0.87 inches.

4) The supply voltage of the whole access control system is about to rock around 12VDC.

If we conclude this access control system made by Be-Tech to be well enough for those who have to manage their security. This management can later be done by the owner himself but has guide book that tells you how to install this and linked to other door locks.

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