Solution for Hotels and Resorts

Applying Be-Tech hotels and resorts security solution can provide convenience and safety for the hotels and resorts management with the lowest management cost and help to reduce staff workload. The hotels and resorts security solution include guest room hotel lock, cabinet lock, access control, elevator access, smart safe and energy control unit and other gated equipment. The hotels and resorts security solution can access by one RFID card both convenient to authorize and prevent conflicts, and meet the “fast” and “security” of hotels management needs. “Perfect flexibility” and “standardization” will be the perfect combination of the hotel locking system which will provide more possibilities for the intelligent management of any hotel and resort.

Solution for Hotels and Resorts

We aim to provide modern electronic security technology to the hospitality industry and facilities. Each product is designed to meet our customer’s need for security and convenience. By focusing on international industry trends, and modern productive facilities, Be-Tech has been able to continuously develop solution to meet unique demands of any hotel and resort.

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Hotels and Resorts Solution

Access management forms a crucial component of every hospitality enterprise, ranging from expansive hotel chains to individual Airbnb hosts and everything in between. Maintaining control over access to your property is of paramount importance. While most hotels possess the requisite space and personnel to facilitate check-ins and check-outs, short-term rentals necessitate alternative access solutions. This is where intelligent door locks, or “Be-Tech Locks”, come into play.

The Advent of Smart Locks in the Hospitality Industry

Smart locks represent a relatively novel and evolving technology within the hospitality sector. Traditional remote access solutions, such as leaving a key under the doormat or utilizing lockboxes, have been employed for many years. These methods continue to be used by vacation rental hosts as they often prove less expensive than more technologically advanced solutions. However, as technology continues to evolve, smart locks have emerged as an increasingly popular alternative to legacy methods, offering a secure, convenient, and contactless experience. The evolution of hospitality access over the years underscores how technology is perpetually changing, enhancing guest experience, and streamlining operations.

Smart Locks: The Future of the Hospitality Industry

Remote-controlled digital locks represent the latest technology making waves in the hospitality industry, and for good reason. Hospitality operators recognize smart locks as a means to enhance guest experience by providing quick, secure, and automated access to accommodations. This form of access management is becoming the norm in the tech-enabled hospitality industry.

Consider this: who wouldn’t want to avoid a crowded front desk and long check-in lines? With electronic locks, guests can simply use their smartphones or other mobile devices to gain access to their rentals. Operators can remotely and securely manage property access for guests, maintenance vendors, and other visitors. This makes it an invaluable tool for hospitality businesses with limited or no on-site staff or for handling after-hours check-ins.

In essence, smart locks are rapidly becoming a necessity for hotels and property managers seeking to remain competitive and up-to-date.

Understanding Smart Locks

A smart lock is an electronic lock that can be controlled and accessed using a smartphone or other connected device. It locks and unlocks doors without the need for a physical key. Smart locks feature remote access, automatic locking and unlocking, and the ability to grant temporary access to visitors. They can be controlled through a mobile app, electronic keypad, biometric sensors, voice commands, and more.

The Intelligence of a Smart Lock

What do we mean when we refer to door locks as “smart”? We mean that these devices can connect to other technology and perform actions, like pairing to smartphones, locking and unlocking, sending notifications, etc. The locks “communicate” with the paired smartphone or control panel and follow their instructions.

Smart locks offer advanced features such as the ability to grant or revoke access from afar, track and monitor entry activity through a smartphone app, integrate with other smart home systems, etc. These features provide added convenience and security compared to traditional mechanical locks.

In essence, the “smart” in smart locks refers to the advanced technology, providing added convenience and peace of mind to hoteliers and property managers.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

There are different types, brands, and models of smart lock devices. They range from locks with digital keypads, enabled with codes, to devices that connect to smartphones through WiFi and/or Bluetooth.

Mechanically, smart locks operate similarly to their traditional counterparts, using technology instead of traditional keys. These can be PIN codes, Bluetooth signals, fingerprints, or even voice commands that open the smart door locks. They connect to your smartphone app or a smart home hub and perform actions, like locking, unlocking, sending notifications, and more.

Smart locks usually replace your deadbolt lock or attach to the existing deadbolt in your door. All of them allow you and your guests or visitors to go key-free and control your doors from afar.

Like all electronic devices, most smart locks are powered by batteries. The batteries typically last between 10 months and a year. The battery life depends on how actively the lock is being used and the battery itself.

Capabilities of Smart Locks

So, what can you do if you use smart locks in your home or rental property? Let’s explore the smart lock functionality that simplifies our lives as consumers, hosts, and hospitality professionals.

1. Pair with a smartphone app or smart home hub: Most smart lock companies have iOS and Android apps to remotely control the locks. If you have more than one smart home device, you’d want to have a smart home hub to control those devices and synchronize them.

2. Allow real-time monitoring: Most smart locks have a device history available in their app. So you can know when the lock is being used, seeing that your guests unlocked the door at the check-in and locked at the checkout.

3. Connect to Bluetooth for hands-free door control: Smart locks with Bluetooth connectivity can be set up to unlock the doors when your smartphone is in close proximity.

4. Create and manage virtual keys: The mobile keys can be lock and unlock commands from afar, providing access codes, setting up voice commands, or even fingerprints or face recognition.

5. Create PIN codes for entry: Most new locks have a functionality of creating permanent or temporary entry codes. This way you can configure access settings for guests, maintenance, cleaning, or other visitors you might have.

6. Set access conditions and limitations: To delve deeper into access control, with smart locks you can set limitations and conditions for the entry codes. For example, only specific days and even specific time slots when cleaning, maintenance, dog walker, or other visitors are expected.

7. Enroll in automated flows: Smart locks can connect to other tech and enroll in automated flows. For example, having the locks paired with Enso Connect, hosts can provide guests with entry codes right after their verification.

8. Send notifications and alerts to your smartphone: The smart locking system can alert you if someone is tampering with the lock. In some cases, it can be configured to automatically call the police if this happens. For vacation rental professionals, receiving notifications when guests are in or out of the property is crucial. This is important not only for security reasons but also helps in managing operations and creating efficiencies.

9. Integrate with other smart home devices: You can take it to the next level of comfort and experience by syncing your other smart devices with the locks. For example, turning on the lights or heating on arrival and vice versa – switching off when guests go out.

10. Sync with the security cameras: For an extra level of security, you can connect your smart lock app with the doorbell or other outside cameras. This will allow you to see who approaches your property in case you need it.

Benefits of Using Smart Locks in Hospitality

So, how can hotels and vacation rentals benefit from all the great functionality of smart locking systems? Here are the reasons why you need smart locks in your hospitality business:

1. Improved security: Smart locks help prevent unauthorized access to a rental property or hotel rooms. The device history records, access logs, and notifications make it easy to track who has entered and exited the premises. Smart lock connectivity together with a robust guest verification automation can protect rental properties without a heavy spend.

2. Better guest experience: Hospitality operators have to keep up with the guest expectations for self-service, contactless check-in process, and quick seamless access. Electronic locks allow guests to use codes, their mobile devices, or other devices instead of conventional keys. This makes check-in and checkout faster and more efficient and also reduces the risk of stolen or lost keys.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Smart Locks in the Hospitality Sector

The application of smart locks in the hospitality industry significantly mitigates the necessity for manual key management, such as the issuance and collection of keys. These intelligent devices can be remotely managed, thereby enabling property managers or hotel staff to lock and unlock doors from a centralized location. This results in a more efficient utilization of staff time, leading to substantial savings in terms of hours.

The Unique Advantages of Smart Locks in Vacation Rentals

Beyond improved security, superior guest experience, and operational efficiency, smart locks confer distinct advantages to vacation rentals.

Most short-term rental businesses manage individual properties, often without the presence of a lobby or concierge on-site to address issues. Consequently, the ability to remotely manage access, track and monitor door activity, and automate processes are significant advantages in this context.

Automation for Convenience, Flexibility, Efficiency, and Revenue Opportunities

Smart locks can be integrated with other systems, such as property management software, guest verification, messaging, payment apps, etc. This integration allows vacation rental professionals to create automated workflows for managing access, providing essential information, upselling, and communicating with guests.

This not only enhances convenience and flexibility for guests but also enables operators to easily increase revenue per guest. For instance, offering flexible access upsells if guests desire the doors to be open beyond the standard check-in and checkout time.

Ability to Track and Monitor Access to the Property

Smart locks can function as the “eyes and ears” on location for vacation rental managers. In addition to controlling who and when goes through their doors, they can configure edge cases. For instance, restricting certain areas of the property for entry, opening the doors for cleaning or maintenance at specific times, etc. By receiving notifications about smart locks being used, operators can stay informed about real-time events. Whether the guests arrived or left, whether the maintenance team finished working on the property, whether someone is attempting unauthorized access, etc.

Proven Data to Combat Chargebacks

Data captured by smart locks aids in combating chargebacks and scammers. Short-term rental businesses often suffer from fraudulent guests, who refuse to cover payments for their stay. These individuals typically claim to their bank that they don’t recognize the charge and never stayed at the rental property. Data from the door locks, in conjunction with other proofs of stay, can be sufficient to compel guests to pay for services.

How Smart Locks Help Address Main Challenges for Hotels

Most hotels have a dedicated team on-site to cater to guests and technically don’t need to manage access remotely. However, an increasing number of modern hoteliers understand the importance of innovation in this area, implementing smart locks in their business.

Changing locks in a hotel can be very expensive, on the other hand, the advantages are substantial. Smart locking systems help hotels address the main challenges of hotel operators today:

Changing Guest Expectations

The last couple of years have altered the expectations guests have for hotels. There are two main reasons for this change:

  1. Consumer demand for quick, seamless, and personalized service. The service standards set by large digital retailers, like Amazon, are spreading to other industries, including hospitality. Online check-in, immediate access, no wait – this is what today’s guests want when they travel and stay in hotels.
  2. The COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in enhanced industry-wide hotel cleaning and safety standards. Guests not only want their rooms cleaned more frequently, they also prefer contactless service. This is why contactless check-in and keyless entry is something that hotels should look into to keep their guests satisfied.

Labor Shortage

This problem has been plaguing the hospitality industryeven before the pandemic or recession. The jobs in the industry are not very well paid and hospitality is hard work. During the pandemic, it also proved to be dangerous. This is why the turnover is high and hospitality businesses are struggling to find and keep good employees.

Smart locks and room access automations not only serve hotel guests but also help manage the team’s time more efficiently. Using smart locking systems together with other guest experience technologies helps hotels implement a high-tech low touch strategy.

Rising Costs

High costs and lower customer buying power make hotels seek solutions to save money, create efficiencies, and find new revenue streams. The energy crisis in Europe put the energy efficiency topic on top of minds of many hoteliers.

In addition to time savings, smart locks can be integrated with other smart tech in the rooms. For example, to turn off the heating and lights when a guest leaves, etc.

Types of Smart Locks Available for the Hospitality Industry

Today there is a wide variety of smart locks with functionality, allowing hospitality operators to benefit from using this technology. These are electronic door locks enabled with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and keypads.

There are also adapted locks that can be added to existing “dumb” deadbolt, adding smart technology, and native smart locks. These ones require a completely new door lock with smart capabilities to be installed.

Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Locks

Bluetooth locks are smart electronic devices, powered by Bluetooth wireless technology, connecting them with smartphones or other smart devices. This allows you to control your door lock hands-free as you approach, eliminating the need for a traditional key.

Bluetooth locks are handy when you are on-site and provide the convenience of a key-less experience. If your door is too far from your smart home hub or phone, you’ll have a connection problem. This is why this is not enough for remote access management.

WiFi-Enabled Smart Locks

These locks contain electronic components allowing them to connect to home internet through a WiFi network. This connection provides a remote access to the lock through a smartphone or a smart home hub. These locks have more remote functions, like locking and unlocking the door from afar, monitoring ins and outs of property, etc.

NFC-Enabled Smart Locks

These are smart locks that have NFC chips inside. They require passive NFC tokens to unlock their respective smart locks. Newer smartphones have NFC chips installed, so it is possible to use a smartphone as an entry token. However, it only works with Android, because Apple restricts the use of their built-in NFC chip to the Apple Pay. So NFC locks are not compatible with iPhones, which limits the keyless access for many guests.

NFC-enabled smart locks allow control over monitoring and granting or restricting access.

Keypad Smart Locks

Digital keypad locks require a numerical code instead of a key to grant entry to a property. They have a numerical pad, where visitors have to punch in the access code to open the door. This is similar to accessing software with a password. When the correct code is entered, the door opens. It can be set to remain locked after several wrong attempts to enter the code.

These locks can’t be picked or bumped like conventional locks. It’s easy to change a security PIN code whenever necessary. They can be mechanical and battery-powered, not requiring connection to a power source.

Managing Smart Locks in Hospitality

To control your smart locks remotely you need a WiFi connectivity bridge to be able to “talk” to the locks. Some of the locks, like Salto and August, have this functionality. The others – Z-Wave, ZigBee, etc, need a smart home hub,like SmartThings for remote control and management.

There are apps and device handlers, allowing hosts to automate rental properties, like RBOY APPS. A popular app for automating individual access codes generating is Rental Lock Automator (RLA).

SmartThings Connection for RBOY APPS Users

As of December 31st, 2022, the Rental Lock Automator (RLA) fails to generate lock codes for reservations on SmartThings. The reason – the app relies on the Groovy platform to connect with SmartThings. And this platform is being shut down by SmartThings, as they are working on modernizing their platform. So RLA users need a direct integration to SmartThings in order to keep managing their code access.

Note: Enso Connect has a direct integration with SmartThings and can help RBOY APPS users looking for a solution.

How to Choose the Right Smart Lock for Your Hospitality Business?

When choosing a smart lock for your hospitality business, consider the following factors:

  • Cost and scalability
  • Compatibility
  • Integration with other systems
  • Access control
  • Remote management
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Reviews and testimonials

Cost and Scalability

Determine your budget and long-term cost savings. Consider the cost of the lock and its scalability for future property expansion. The cost of smart locks range between $100 and $300, depending on brand and type.

Compatibility with Current Hardware

The lock of your choice has to be compatible with your existing door hardware. Make sure it can be easily installed.

Integrations with Other Systems

Check whether the smart lock can integrate with your property management systems or other existing systems, like keyless entry apps. Evaluate the features and compatibility with your current tech.

Access Control

In the hospitality business, you need a lock that allows for flexible access control. Meaning the ability to create unique codes for each guest or assign different levels of access to staff members. Or even restrict entry to different spaces in the property.

Remote Management

For vacation rental businesses, as well as modern hoteliers, it’s important to choose locks that can be managed remotely. The devices have to be configurable to adjust access settings and allow tracking and monitoring. You want to be able to view the logs of who and when has entered and exited the property.


In a hospitality business, door locks are used frequently. You need to choose smart locks made of durable materials with long battery life.

Security and Reliability

Choose the locks that have a track record of security and have been certified by industry organizations. Look for devices with a good reputation for reliability and customer support.

Reviews and Testimonials

Read reviews from other businesses in the hospitality industry, ask for recommendations, and consult with experts in the field.

What are the Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals, Boutique Hotels, and Resorts?

Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals


One of the oldest and most well-known lock manufacturers in the world. Be-Tech is known for making some of the most advanced smart locks on the market such as the Be-Tech Lock and Be-Tech IOT. This is thanks to the company’s long history of making durable and reliable products, as well as a close engineering partnership with sister brand BetechIOT.


  • Simple, sleek design
  • Easy to install, attaching to existing deadbolts and allowing to keep the original key
  • Work with mainstream home automation platforms
  • Integrate into the Airbnb calendar
  • Can be controlled with popular voice assistants
  • Built-in wi-fi – no need for additional hardwareto connect

The company was one of the first to introduce the concept of interchangeable cores, which allowed users to easily change the lock on their doors without having to replace the entire lock. This innovation made Kwikset a leader in the industry and helped the company to become known for its durability and reliability.

Kwikset’s smart locks are particularly popular among consumers who want to be able to control their locks remotely and receive notifications when someone enters or exits their home.


  • A variety of smart locks, deadbolts, and touchscreens
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled phones or eKeys codes on the touchscreen to enter
  • Retain a traditional keyway for the backup key that can be used to lock/unlock
  • Kwikset Halo is wi-fi enabled, allowing for remote control.

A well-known security systems and smart lock provider. Sturdy and stylish, Schlage smart locks are compatible with any smart home system. The Schlage Encode TM Smart WiFi Deadbolt doesn’t require adaptors or accessories to connect while the Sense Smart Deadbolt lets you unlock the door from the app or by entering an access code on the touchscreen. Meanwhile, the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt includes an additional layer of encryption and can be controlled with your voice.


  • Easy installation
  • Up to 100 codes with 3 levels of access
  • Remote door unlock door via smartphone
  • Works with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and EchoShow
  • Integrates with common smart home networks
  • Works with other systems such as Ring doorbell and alarm, Key by Amazon, etc.

Be-tech’s integrated cloud hospitality software for hotels and resorts helps organizations to build their business on a scalable, end-to-end technology platform.

Be-tech is committed to helping businesses streamline operations, maximize profitability, deliver great guest experiences, and compete globally today and in the future.

Technology plays a critical role in our business. Our goal is to enable managers to have the right tools available to them so they can reduce administrative burdens and focus on delivering core business value and guest satisfaction.

Delivering a great guest experience every time

Streamline your organization to deliver a modern hotel stay.

  • Enable guest control, visibility, and preferences throughout their journey via their own mobile devices
  • Offer contactless and paperless check in and check out, add-on options, room and maintenance request features, and more
  • Inform effective engagement strategies via robust CRM capabilities to tailor experiences according to guest profiles
  • Activate upsell opportunities via advanced hotel PMS capabilities at the booking stage
  • Leverage mobility tools for hotel staff to improve processes, communications, and more flexible services to guests

Managing revenue and yield more intelligently and efficiently

Leverage the power of data science to optimize total revenue potential.

  • Maximize occupancy while protecting rates via automation
  • Source strategic insights from focused analytics to make better decisions based on real data in real time from multiple sources
  • Enable “always on” functionality to ensure action on the most recent data, around the clock
  • Generate detailed demand forecasting information while on site or on the go
  • Implement strategies across multiple sales channels via cloud-based solutions and infrastructure

Coordinating full-spectrum event business from initial inquiry to final invoice

Automate the event booking process for maximum profitability.

  • Get detailed customer history from a single dashboard
  • Improve expense and labor controls and event change auditing
  • Control and better manage food and beverage costs
  • Enable property management integration for group booking visibility
  • Access the system from any device

Empowering teams with greater efficiency to enable success

Implement solutions to proactively enable staff—online, anytime, all the time.

  • Deliver efficient and frictionless services and communication between staff and guests
  • Grant team members access to key information in real time via mobile devices and web browsers without middleware
  • Monitor real-time workloads, activities, completed tasks, and interactions with guests, increasing, operational efficiency across all locations
  • Track and measure accountability with other team members or departments more accurately
  • Reduce operational friction for staff as they manage operations via mobile and web-based platforms—bookings, maintenance, cleaning protocols, and more

Be-tech Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) is an advanced, cloud-based hotel property management system (PMS) that enables hotels of all sizes and scales to personalize the guest experience and create the kind of operational efficiency, flexibility, and data security needed to meet the evolving expectations of increasingly tech-savvy guests.

Join online from wherever you are. Essential systems integrated to deliver efficient operations, superior guest experiences, and profitable returns. Streamline your organization to deliver a modern hotel stay. Enable guest control, visibility, and preferences throughout their journey via their own mobile devices

Be-tech’s integrated cloud hospitality software for hotels and resorts helps organizations to build their business on a scalable, end-to-end technology platform. Infor is committed to helping businesses streamline operations, maximize profitability, deliver great guest experiences, and compete globally today and in the future.

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