Things To Consider When Selecting Commercial Door Locks

Selecting the right commercial door locks for a commercial property like apartment needs good research. Besides the convenience and price tags, several other things are taken into consideration when choosing a commercial door lock. It’s important to pay attention to all those key factors to make your apartment distinctive. The size and nature of the apartment, the number of residents, and the number of visitors are all important considerations before buying new door locks. Let’s discuss these considerations in detail.

Things To Consider When Selecting Commercial Door Locks

1. The size of your apartment

The size of your apartment entity plays a key role in buying the right commercial door locks. A regular door lock works with a mechanical key and that’s absolutely fine if you are running a retail store. But what if you have a large number of residents who require access to the property? Well in that situation, a keyless entry system is the perfect selection. It’s because a keyless system gives easy access and a sense of independence to all authorized residents. They just enter the code on the keypad of an electronic lock to access a specific area. Nowadays, RFID card digital door locks are used in commercial properties due to their several benefits.

2. Internal security

If you are concerned about the internal security of your apartment building, then you must pay attention to the front/main entrance.Large apartment buildings have more than one main entrance, which should only be accessed by authorized personnel. In that situation, it’s better to secure the main entrances with electronic locks. Here an RFID card digital door lock can work well as this type of lock can be accessed with more than one card key. So, the higher management can distribute card keys to authorized dissidents.

3. Durability and convenience

If you want durable, yet convenient commercial door locks, then you must look for a trustworthy smart lock supplier such as Be-Tech. Be-Tech is a leading smart/digital lock factory and supplier in China. The company deals in several types of digital locks and provide them to their agents and distribute throughout the world. Make sure to choose the right digital lock for your property that provides both durability and convenience. PIN code digital locks and RFID card locks are considered to be the best when it comes to convenience. Premium RF card digital door lock with anti-panic V3A8MT by Be-Tech is the best-selling digital lock. It is widely known for its convenience, durability, and high security. Let’s have a look at its main features.

  • This door lock can be accessed with both a PIN code and an RF card key for the convenience of the user.
  • This door lock comes with an automatic locking system.
  • An anti-panic exit system is also available to let the user open the door from the inside handle.
  • An alarm will be turned on for 1 minutes if someone makes 3 wrong attempts of PIN code.
  •  It comes with up to 40 keys (39 user keys and 1 master key).
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