Be-Tech’s Biometric Door Lock System

For the past 28 years, for manufacturing biometric door lock system, Be-Tech, a China-based company, has made itself a good reputation. The various types of digital and smart locks are manufactured by the company and are supplied to customers from around the world. They make biometric door locks I7A6FMTW are one of a kind door locks and provide the customers the safety and security.

What are the key features of biometric door locks?

We will start our review with some of the main features of this one biometric locks so let’s straight jump into them.

Multiple ways to access:

One of the main features of this high-quality locks is they can be unlocked in multiple ways. You can unlock them by using your fingerprint, mobile key, or RF card. Furthermore, you can even access them with a Pin code you set according to your choice.

Automatic locking option:

For the convenience or the users, the biometric door lock has the feature to automatically get locked. This will happen after a few seconds of its opening. Of course, the manual option is also there for you.

Missing key invalidation:

The manufacturers have made it to make a perfect security system. For that, if somehow, you lose your keys, it will not give you access. For that purpose, you will have to re-register all your keys again.

Status notification for a different purpose:

Another amazing feature of this biometric door lock systems is that they let you know about the operations that are being made of the door. It is going to do it by changing the colors of the LED indicator on the lock.

Be-Tech's Biometric Door Lock System

Benefits of biometric door locks:

To further move into the importance of these biometric door lock systems, now let’s talk about some of the benefits you are going to get by having them.

You get unbreachable security.

The main purpose of biometric door lock systems is to provide you the maximum security. So, they are perfect in it. If at any time, you think your code can be exposed to anyone, you can use its scramble code feature. In any type of breach, there are alarms that will immediately let you know about it.

You won’t find any difficulty in their use.

They are super easy to use and any person can use them without any problem. It has an invisible keypad which you can easily access by simply touching the screen with your palm. All the features are added keeping your convenience in view.

Very convenient anti-panic exit system.

If there is any panic situation in your house or office, you don’t need to worry about your exit. In any case of emergency, you can open the door from inside by simply turning the handle on the door.

No worries about changing the battery for a long time.

The long battery life, which lasts up to 8 months while using it 10 times a day, has made your life easy. You will not have to replace it after every one or two months.


· It gives you an option for a mechanical key override.

· They are very durable, and you can rely on them for a long time.


If you are looking for a perfect security solution for your house, biometric door lock I7A6FMTW can be a great option for you, and in addition to having multiple features, it’s very safe and easy to use.

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