Which Is The Best Digital Door Lock Available

The digital door lock company brings advanced technology for security purpose. Now you don’t need to worry about the security of your home, office and hotel. The fingerprint door lock manufacturers made life so easy. They give security a new and advanced mean by inventing such an amazing commercial door locks. Now you can lock/unlock the door with fingerprint or type PIN code. It’s easy and very efficient. Be-Tech manufacture this amazing locking system with an extra feature that is as follow.
Which Is The Best Digital Door Lock Available
Features of i7A6FMTW fingerprint door lock:

1. A different way to access:

The Be-Tech has a multi-accessible system; you can open the door with a PIN code as well as fingerprints or RFID card,bluetooth. It’s the amazing feature in the case, you are not at home and your door open only with your fingerprint impression, the PIN code or RFID card or Bluetooth will help you to unlock the door in your absence.

2. Fast verification of Fingerprint:

The Be-Tech has one-touch verification system. It’s a super-fast technology that read the fingerprint in only one shot and proceeds further. You don’t need to show multiple fingerprint impression on the lock.

3. Instant notification of all operation:

While opening or closing the door, the advanced technology will give you instant notification of the current operation. In the same way, if someone tries to open it forcefully, you will get notification of that or system will show malfunction that is the indicator of something wrong. The LED indicators show different signs in different situations to show you the current operational report.

4. Automatic lock system:

Be-Tech fingerprint locks have come with both manual and automatic operational system. The door will be closed after a few seconds of it open. You can do it by yourself. In case of an emergency, it will allow opening the door from inside.

5. Alarm:

Its automatic system will detect the incorrect entry and fingerprint or RFID card. If you type PIN wrongly for three times and show the wrong fingerprint or RFID card, the automatic system will start alarm and it lasts for 60 seconds. This time is enough to alert the family to check its security system and call the cops in case of any strange activity.

6. Other warnings:

Be-Tech doors are showing different alarming beeps. One of them is BEEP continuously one and after two seconds. That beep indicates the low batteries sign. You can change the batteries and keep your security tight. Always try to change batteries on time so you can save from any bad incident.

7. Mechanical key:

In case of an emergency, you can open the door with the mechanical key. Be-Tech is a digital door lock company that is famous for its commercial door locks that other fingerprint door lock manufacturers can‘t made with such features.

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