Are Keypad Door Lock Safe?

Based on the current, all of us realized that this is the era of technology. Every industry and every aspect of the average person’s life are inevitably affected by modern technology. Furthermore, modern technology has also historically changed the security system industry. The electronic keypad door lock is one of the symbols of this reform. the electronic keyless door locks almost replaced the traditional mechanical key door lock to secure commercial buildings.

With the rapid development of modern technology, most people still feel uncomfortable about such a high speed of development and worry about the reliability of electronic keyless entry door locks. Today, this post would help you eliminate the above concern and recommend some reliable products.

Are Keypad Door Locks Safe?

Most people still keep a suspicious attitude about the reliability of the electronic keypad door lock in the security field. As a matter of fact, even in the security system field, some love the electronic keypad door lock, others hate them, and both sides have their reasonable ground. But, one point is clear the premium, professionally-fitted keyless entry door locks are safe. A premium keyless entry door lock also depends on the door lock design, lock materials, and the workmanship of the manufacturer. Therefore, the low-level electronic smart door lock has a relatively high safety risk.

Furthermore, the main issue in a property security system isn’t the lock, but the user. Most burglars are opportunists and would grasp any chance to sneak into your house by peeping ito your password or by forcing open a window or door.

Are Electronic Keypad Door Locks Safer Than Key Locks?

Which is safer, electronic keypad door locks or traditional key door locks, this question also puzzles people during the purchasing. However, it is hard to choose the winner between them. Both of them have their unique benefits in security. In short, both of them are safe. Furthermore, the security grades are one of the aspects that reflect the safety of the door lock. During the purchase, you could check the security grades to understand how safe the door lock is. By the way, if you are finding a type of door lock that is safe and easy to use, the keypad electronic door lock may be your right option.

Recommendation: Safe & Convenient Keypad Electronic Door Lock

According to the above content, we can know that electronic keypad door locks are safe and convenient. And the safety of a kind of electronic door lock relates to the door lock’s design, product material, etc.

After going through the above content, another problem also arises —- Where can I buy the premium electronic door lock. Luckily, three reliable electronic keypad door locks are introduced by Be-Tech. They are the ideal option for your house.

Electronic Patio Door Lock—-K7S


Electronic Patio Door Lock

This electronic patio door lock is a good combination of safety and convenience. First, it supports the scramble code function. You could enter random numbers prior to the right code when there is a chance of exposing it to others. You can leave no chance for those opportunists to know your key code. Second, the alarm will be on and last for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the lock with an incorrect fingerprint or RF card 5 times. As for convenience, the door lock offers four accessing methods: BLE key, fingerprint, RF card key, and PIN code. And, the door lock allows the owners to configure and unlock the lock via the mobile phone’s application.

There is an optional function—-remote management. This door lock could connect with the WIFI network and get managed by the gateway. Even if the owner is far away from the house, he/she still could use the gateway to perform various operations, for example, browsing the access record, unlocking and amending the valid time of pin codes, etc.

Electronic Locks For Front Door—-M1B1FMTL


Electronic House Door Locks

The matt black electronic house door locks are high-security electronic house door locks. The door locks could automatically lock after the opening. The door lock would prevent someone sneaks into your house through the opening door when you are not paying attention. Meanwhile, the door locks still provide you with a convenient user experience. Four accessing methods are available in this Be-Tech M1B1FMTL electronic lock front door: Bluetooth key, fingerprint, RF card key, and pin code.

Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock—K3U


Electronic Keypad Front Door Lock 

The door lock also has high compatibility in the installation. If you consider replacing your old door lock, this kind of electronic keypad front door lock could be your ideal option.

This electronic keypad front door lock is a smart deadbolt door lock. It is a powerful home safeguard. This simple deadbolt door lock contains multiple functions which could greatly meet the actual residential security needs. The auto-locking and scramble code both are contained in this door lock.

Besides, it also offers the mute function. When you turn on the unlock the mute function, no one can hear the beep sound when you press the key button. In some certain, this function prevents the neighborhood or passerby know when you come home or the password length.


All in all, the electronic keypad door lock not only provides you with the most convenient access but also safeguards your property with the help of modern technology. If you are considering replacing your house door lock with good quality electronic keyless door locks, you could contact Be-Tech, one of the leading electronic door lock suppliers in China, established in 1992. Be-Tech is capable of offering you the most suitable safety solution.

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