The Top 9 benefits of using a Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Card Lock- Guardian RFID

Keys and locks are going through a paradigm shift. Electronic lock technology is so advanced nowadays. The reception, guest room, and the lobby set the ambiance of your hotel in-front of your guests so that they can experience quality time during their stay at your hotel. Not just these few things are important, the locks are also very crucial in this regard. A safe guest is a happy guest. It should provide the level of security which the guest requires. We at Be-tech are hotel locking system manufacturers who can help you choose the right locks for your hotel. Other than this we are also hotel card lock manufacturers.

The Top 9 benefits of using a Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Card Lock- Guardian RFID

What are hotel card locks?

The hotel key cards have door card readers which are installed on every door lock and are programmed for opening specific doors in set time periods. There are some hotels which use cards that have magnet strips. These magnetic stripe cards are sometimes called swipe cards as well. However, there are other types of cards that are used which are:

  • proximity (RFID) cards
  • access cards with holes
  • photo ID cards
  • barcode cards
  • smart cards

We at Be-tech are hotel card lock suppliers and we provide high-quality products.

How do magnetic stripe cards work?

These cards contain a magnetic layer which has minimum information of the use. It basically contains the user access number which is the most vital information. When you check in a hotel the staff would imprint the information of the user and along with that he/she will set a time duration until checkout. The staff will verify the card. The lock opens when you swipe the magnetic strip through a reader that is magnetic.

Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Card Lock- Guardian RFID

Our electronic hotel card lock is built with RFID technology. It’s made of stainless steel which is available in various versions such as AUS, EURO, and ANSI. Our Guardian RFID has a panic release function in which the latch and the deadbolt are retracted automatically from the inside handle to easily open up in case of emergencies. Our locks are also compatible with guests who have physical disabilities.

Benefits Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Card Lock- Guardian RFID

1.These locks provide more satisfaction to the guest. They provide easy access to the rooms.
2.They provide a high level of security. These cared have anti-hacker technology which cannot be hacked.
3.Be-Tech lock is more adaptable. These can be used for all hotels. The follow can all-inclusive mindset.
4.The guardian RFID lock provides more control as well as information.
5.The Be-Tech Guardian RFID provides more integration. They can be integrated with various applications of the hotel.
6.These locks provide more exclusivity. They give a new and advanced experience to your customers.
7.These locks are more robust.
8.Our locks showcase more productivity. They aid in enhancing the efficiency of check-ins.
9.Lastly, the Be-Tech Guardian RFID are sold at reasonable prices.

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