Most Secure Modern Digital Door Lock

Have you been looking for the best modern digital door lock manufacturers? Well, no need to get other struggles as Be-Tech does the best productions to ensure that your family entrance door is fully protected, they will be your best choice. Their production the digital door lock V3A8MT will provide extra protection on your family entrance door with security features being customized as you would love.

This digital door lock V3A8MT comes with different forms of access solutions that will give you ample convenience. In this, you can choose using a security parameter of having a pin code or having a RF card one that works better for you and your family.

How it Works

This modern digital door lock has amazing features that makes its functioning easy to use with no complications. In addition to this, its functionality ensures that it provides the best protection while at the same time notifying you on every activity that goes through your modern digital door lock.

· Several Access Solution – The modern digital features 2 access solutions. This includes the RF Card key together with Pin code. Additionally, you can create a fake pin code instantly for extra security once you receive this digital door lock.

· Operation Status Notification – On any operation done to your Be-Tech digital door lock, it will provide a status notification through the LED indicator include. This LED indicator contains different signs and colors with different meanings. As a result of this, you will have adequate communication on what is actually happening on any operation done on this digital door lock.

· Manual or Automatic Locking – For convenience, this digital door lock contains an option of having an automatic locking or a manual locking system. On the automatic locking, the door lock will lock itself automatically after opening it for a few seconds.

· Anti-panic Exit System – In case there are emergencies in your home or building, there is no need of getting panicked on how will get out of the building. This modern digital door lock is optimized on its security features to ensure that it has an anti-panic exit system. The door will open easily in case of an emergency through which you can open it by simply turning its handle from the inside.

· Comes with an alarm system – The alarm system will notify you in the event someone tries to access the house through inputting a wrong pin. The alarm will be on and last for 1 minute when one keys in incorrect PIN code for more than 3 times.

· Has an override with a mechanical key – At the point there is an emergency in your home, this digital door lock can be opened with the use of the mechanical key. This makes it easy to open with no hassle.

Most Secure Modern Digital Door Lock


Below are some of the main features you will enjoy from this Be-Tech digital door lock.

· The model of this digital door lock is V3A8MT

· The front is made from a Zinc alloy which measures 73mm by 333mm by 21mm with a handle that is 75 mm. on the other side, the back measures 79mm by 333mm by 90mm with a door handle of 79mm.

· Can be used on a door thickness ranging from 40mm to 80mm

· Features a Zinc Alloy which is highly durable.

· The lock case is made from stainless steel material which is highly durable

· Its alkaline batteries can last up to 12 months which use being about 10 times used each day.

· Uses 4, 1.5VAA alkaline batteries.


To ensure you receive the best, Be-Tech provides the best digital door locks which suit you needs. As a matter of fact, Be-Tech is the leading smart lock factory and the digital door lock manufacturers in China. This reputable supplier does its supplies globally hence making a trustable brand.

Its modern digital door lock is perfect for your family entrance door if you have been looking for extra protection for your family. You can rest assured that there will be no intruders anyhow as with the PIN code just know to the family members, no other person can access the premises.

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