Complete Peace Of Mind With The Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock System

Be-Tech is a market leader in the innovation, design and manufacturing of electronic security solutions that includes the biometric door lock system. Established in 1992, Be-Tech is dedicated to providing state of the art security features to both the private and hospitality industry. With more than 28 years of experience in the security field, the company’s principles are firmly rooted in flexibility, reliability and functionality. We have poured our hearts and souls into our customers’ security and have gained the trust and business of thousands of families, hotels and resorts worldwide.

Although the concepts of a door lock may seem basic to the average consumer, its functional design and proper implementation can mean the difference between safety and tragedy. It is with this in mind that Be-Tech has designed their famous and valued biometric door lock. This mechanism is the perfect combination of safety and convenience and slots seamlessly into the lives of their customers, whether installed as a safety feature in a private home, or every door of a holiday resort.

Complete Peace Of Mind With The Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock System

Also known as the Fingerprint and RFID Card and Touchpad Digital Door Lock (I8A1FMT), this modern biometric door lock system comes standard with the newest fingerprint, RFID card and touchpad technology to ensure optimal safety and security for your family or valued client. The system consists of a digital mortise lock, with a one-touch fingerprint verification technology, RF card and touchpad activation system encased in a GB lockcase. The system is also equipped with a operation status notifier through a LED indicator, a scramble code for pass code security and an automatic locking system to ensure that you are never caught unaware. The anti-panic system allows the door do be opened without verification from the inside, while the mechanical key override function allows the lock to be opened without fingerprint verification.

This triple technology system ensures that you will never be locked out of your home, while ensuring your safety and security. As an added security feature, an alarm will go off if anyone tries to activate the biometric door lock with the incorrect fingerprint more than five times in a row. Traditional door locking mechanisms are so easy to bypass, or break and when the only key is lost, the whole system needs to be replaced at quite a cost. At Be-Tech, our commitment to the best biometric door lock system ensures top security at a very reasonable cost for you and your family.

Be-tech is known worldwide for its reliable security solutions such as the biometric door lock that comes wrapped in a flexible and powerful operating system. So, without a doubt, Be-Tech is your best choice, when security counts. You can learn more about our biometric door lock simply by following this link, or by contacting us directly on our website. Alternatively, place an order for the biometric door lock as soon as possible through the comfort and efficiency of our online store – this is a security deal you do not want to miss out on.

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