Why Do We Recommend You to Install the Hotel Locks in Your Hotel?

Be-Tech is offering you some of the latest electronic hotel locking system courtesy of the Mifare keycard technology. This helps you keep everyone in the hotel safe, all while offering a very stylish experience. The Be-Tech solutions are very affordable and easy to use, so you will have no problem obtaining great results as fast as possible. And the return on investment can be nothing short of interesting every time.

Our system is suitable for every hotel, and you can easily use a keycard for access to various locations. Everything is custom made to ensure that you receive the best return on investment and a pleasant, resounding experience every time. Be-Tech’s electronic hotel lock management system contain RFID elevator controller, electronic hotel locks, exit device, electronic cabinet locks,energy control unit, electronic safe and the Bis-hotel(software).

Each room can be monitored for entry and exit

  • Deny guests that don’t have permission for a certain room
  • Replace damaged or lost cards
  • The latest 414 unlock records can be tracked, when that person entered the room and so on
  • Offer limited time access and allocate the time from check in or check out
  • Low maintenance, fast to install

Why Do We Recommend You to Install the Hotel Locks in Your Hotel?

Be-Tech Bis Hotel system

The BIS HOTEL offer is one of the best, feature rich hotel systems that provide you with all the flexibility and value you want. You can easily obtain amazing results with this, and the outcome is always among some of the best for you. The SQL client server delivers value and stability, and you also have a great database tech if you want to operate everything from a single workstation. We also have TCP/IP support as well. The Be-Tech system even includes POS and PMS interface support.

The SQL server is very powerful and you can access the data features. You can also use SQL server to share the database with more than 1 front desk, it is faster for the front desk to check-in guest card for guests.

Great reporting features

BIS Hotel from Be-Tech which is a smart lock company offers the best methods you can use in order to boost the hotel security. All information is processed and managed adequately and you get to know who goes in, you also know when that happens. And the reports can be saved in EXCEL, which makes it even easier to convert them to whatever format you need.

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