The Commercial Door Lock That Can Safely Be Opened 5 Different Ways

Technology has advanced in the last couple of years with products that used to be mechanical to now using high quality technology. An example is door locks, which used to be opened with a key and now there are diverse commercial door locks that have many different ways to be opened from fingerprints to password codes.

A great example of the prime use of technology to provide comfort-ability is the door lock of the company Be-Tech that has the name of FINGERPRINT AND RFID CARD AND TOUCHPAD DIGITAL DOOR LOCK – I7A6FMTW. This product will perfectly work in any apartment were the owner is looking for the most modern and high-quality commercial door lock.

The Commercial Door Lock That Can Safely Be Opened 5 Different Ways

As the title suggests this lock is able to be opened in 5 different ways which are: one-touch fingerprint verification, with the use of a mobile phone, with a PIN code, with a RF card and with a simple mechanical key. This is great because the owner of the home will be able to choose between their favorite ways of opening the door which can easily be changed.

Let´s dive a little more deeper in some of the ways it can be opened. Firstly, with the mobile phone, the one-shot smart key option is fone by unlocking the door by remote mobile key assignment. The fingerprint has a one-touch fingerprint verification which means that the door would be able to be opened on shot. And how is this possible? Is because this door lock possess semiconductor fingerprint technology which means it is able to easily and accurately recognize any fingerprint which conveys a more friendly user experience.

On top of that this lock is extremely hard to openby thief, and in the case of anyone trying to do so an alarm will ring which will alert the home owner if this situation was happening. For extra safety as well there is a double lock that can be switch on manually.

Another feature is that it has a external power backup which has two different ports for the door lock to be charged. Not to worry this part of the product is undercover of the lock and is not noticeable because it can be hidden until the user would need it and under cover it.

Some other relevant features and descriptions of this product will be listed and explained below:

• This product is a Digital Mortise Lock

• As it was mentioned earlier it has different ways to be accessed, to be exact 5 different options.

• This is a 60mm Backset GB Lock case.

• The finish for this specific product is Matt Gold. But the company Be-Tech has a n extensive catalog with different products and different finishes. This is a good thing to keep in mind because it means that there is an option for almost every decoration of most apartments.

• The lock has an operation status notification which means that whenever any operation is made by a user the LED indicator will inform them what is happening through different colors and signs.

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