The Best RFID Hotel Card Door Lock

Having the best RFID hotel lock is a great security measure you will enjoy to have superb security measures within the vicinity of your hotel. Nevertheless, getting the best door lock is one of the biggest challenges you will have with many manufactured door locks globally.


Most of the companies producing door locks have compromised the quality standards hence deeming the purchase of these door locks something hectic to get. At some point, most of door lock buyers have given up on their purchases deeming all door locks to compromise the quality standards.

Nevertheless, Be-Tech has a high experience in manufacturing of hotel card door looks which use the RFID technology. These card locks are specially designed to be used in renovating hotels and giving the perfect design for the hotel guestrooms, corridors and suites. With this, they have become one of the best manufacturers in hotel door locks. Keep reading this article as we know more about the RFID hotel door locks you get from Be-Tech.

Benefits of the Guardian Elegant RFID Hotel Lock

Being a RFID hotel lock, you need to have several consideration before you use this door lock. This will give you an assurance of receiving what you exactly need for a hotel field. First and foremost, Be-Tech being in the production market for several decades is an assurance that you will receive quality product from them.

In addition to this, they major their production on door locks hence implementing the highest security standards to ensure that they give the best to its clients. As a result of this, customer loyalty has never been an issue to Be-Tech which is only brought by the quality product they produce.

Here are some of the pointed advantages you will enjoy from this RFID Hotel Lock:

  • Additional Security – This door lock features an anti-hacker technology which gives it extra security. Compared to other locks that use keycards, Be-Techs hotel lock will not be hacked on its lock memory as the anti-hacker technology doesn’t allow reprogramming on the outside escutcheon.
  • Adaptability – This amazing RFID hotel lock can be used on any type of a hotel. It is highly adaptable with its elegant design which matches different hotel decors. Furthermore, you can consider using it from the low-cost guest cards, keyfobs or even wristbands.
  • Guest Satisfaction and Convenience – As much as everyone needs security as the number one key thing you need to meet on any hotel vicinity, you need to have the element of convenience which will bring about satisfaction. The Guardian RFID hotel lock uses the Mifare contactless technology on all the staff and guest cards. As a result, it is easier to more with no inconvenience hence bringing more satisfaction to your clients.

Product Specs

  • The product brand of this RFID hotel lock is Be-Tech
  • The model of this hotel lock is Guardian Elegant RFID
  • This hotel lock features a 414 event audit trail
  • It is highly compatible with the BISHOTEL software platform
  • The quality of this door lock is assured as it is ADA compliant
  • Its mortise is approved by both the UL and CE
  • Comes in different versions which include the Euro, AUS and ANSI versions hence giving high security.
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