Door Control Unit-Model 2700m: The Best Option To Control Accessibility

Nowadays the mechanical door locks and keys are something of the past. It´s very common that the electric and automatic door locks have taken over because it overall provides a more comfortable and convenient way to open door for users.

This is a great investment for any company because of the versatility of the product as well as the fact that it controls the entrance and exit of users of this locks. For example, this are able to be applied to many environments like parking barriers, health centers, gym rooms, conference rooms, staff entrances and guest night entrances, to give some examples.

There are many access control system suppliers online because as it was stated there are many uses for the electric door and that becomes beneficial for a lot of companies. Let´s further explain a scenario, in a gym, members can be given a card that will open the door for them and that will make the entrance easier to control because they won´t really need the assistance of a person.

So, what is a good company to acquire some high-quality electric locks? Be-Tech has established itself in China as a world-class, high quality producer of security products with more than 20 years of experience. They specialize on various types of electronic locks.

Door Control Unit-Model 2700m: The Best Option To Control Accessibility

The product we will talk about is Be-Tech Door Control Unit which is adaptable to almost any entrance door, such as parking barriers, health centers, gym room, conference room, staff entrances, guest night entrances and more. But on top this Door Control Unit is fully compatible with Be-Tech electronic locking systems which is able to provide an even better guest experience if the locks are used in hotels.
Intrigued? Let´s dive into more details about the electrical specifications. This is a DCU Model type 2700M, the Supply Voltage and Supply Current are 12VDC and 2A accordingly. And lastly it´s Load current, output 1 is Max.3A@12VDC.

In terms of its physical features it consists of a modern reader door lock that colored in matte black. It is also compatible with twins-reader that are to be mounted on the passage door on both side although this is optional to use.
Like it was mentioned this exact door lock can be used in different places so there is an option to switch the ‘Door Exit’ sign to simple say “Touch and go” which is more apt for hotels. Another feature for hotels is that the door unit is compatible with BIS Hotel and BIS Locker systems which will make the entire checking in process much more fluid.

In regards of the technical data each complete unit of the Model 2700M, which are individually packed, consists of:

• Door Control Unit with reader.
• Inward wireless “Door Exit” switch.

It has the following additional parts:
• Electronic drop bolt lock.
• Electronic magnet lock.

Finally, to further understand the product, the dimensions of the 2700M Model are:
• Height: 153 mm / 6,02 inch
• Width: 78 mm / 3,07 inch
• Depth: 22 mm / 0,87 inch

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