Why Is Best To Choose An Electronic Door Lock For A Hotel

The electric door locks is the way of the future. The electric door lock company Be-Tech is a clear example of this. They have a product that goes by the name of VISION II in the RFID series. This product is considered to be in the latest electronic locks because of their technology and also the simple, fashionable and yet comfortable design.

The Be-Tech VISION II in the RFID series is perfect for those modern hotels that want to keep a high class aesthetic. The lock is able to perfectly blend into the hotel environment.

There are a lot of benefits that electric hotel door locks possesses. So let’s keep on reading about all of them!
– Guaranteed Elevated Guest Satisfaction: this door locks use the worldwide famous Mifare contactless technology for all the guest and staff cards. There is no need to insert a keycard, just by approaching the card the users are able to access a room.
– Better Adaptability: RFID keycards and carriers can be used on hotels . There are different options from low cost guest card, wristbands that will still perfectly match different hotel type: Business, Resort, Spa and All-Inclusive.
– More Information and Control: VISION II RFID electronic lock are able to keep track of information by on handheld Service Unit for better information and management. Some of the info that the card registers is: the entry record audit trail, status, real-time clock adjustment.
– Great Integration: The VISION II RFID product is able to integrate and interface keycards with other applications from different systems at your hotel. This is perfect because it creates a smooth working environment and makes the work of the receptionist a much easier to control.
– Less Expense: VISION II RFID by Be-Tech is selling at a very competitive price. Which is perfect for those hotels that are just starting or the ones that does not generate that much income, but still want to use this innovative product.
To name some of the technical features that this door lock possess keep on reading:
– Stand-alone electronic lock with RFID technology.
– Mortise equipped 20mm throw high strength deadbolt.
– Panic release function – the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy regress in any emergency situation.
– The lock is ADA compliant which is great for guest with physical disabilities.
– Future proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory.
– Powered by four AA batteries that provide up to 1 year normal life time.
– 414 event audit trail.
– Compatible with BISHOTEL software platform.
– High security mechanical override cylinder available. In case of any emergency the guests in a room can easily open the door lock from the inside.
– Compatible hotel function and residential function.

Why Is Best To Choose An Electronic Door Lock For A Hotel

Be-Tech is a professional electronic hotel door lock expert and supplier with over 27 years’ experience. Should you have further question or inquiry about this VISION II in the RFID series, please feel free to contact Be-Tech for more information.

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