The Best Key for Cabinets Is Going Keyless

In most hotel or private gyms it is very usual to see lockers that most of the time use electronic cabinet locks. The time of gyms, workplaces and even schools that use mechanical keys is in the past. Nowadays, keys represent a struggle to the user as it implies that they will take longer to open or close any door.

It is true that any electronic cabinet locks supplier will sell their products to a higher cost than manual ones, but the investment made in the purchase is worth it in terms of safety and comfort.

In general electronic lockers are more convenient as it eliminates the need of constantly carrying a key which might be uncomfortable to some users and even very easy to forget. In gyms and schools the most common thing is lost or stolen keys, but with keyless locks there will be no worry of this, as there will only be the need to memorize a short code.

Be-Tech electronic cabinet locks come with all the features listed above and is also aesthetically pleasing as it comes on a wide range of wooden and steel lockers cabinets and cupboards. The product that goes by the name of Be-Tech Cyber Ⅱ Touch (C2800T) is one of the many keyless locks that this electronic cabinet locks supplier provides. This are easy to fit, as it comes with a flat but fashionable design, it provides high security and comfort for locker and cabinet users and as well the uncomfortable mechanical keys that require a lot of maintenance are eliminated and replaced with an electric lock.

A great feature of the electronic cabinet locks provided by Be-Tech is that they come with the option of being set with two functions, private and public. The private function, which is the most common, is used where the same code will be repeatedly utilized, for example a student in a school or an employee in the workplace. On the other hand, the public function is when a locker operates with a single user code. This means that a guest enters a personal code to open the lock before it’s erased and ready to be used by the next user, this function is used for short term usage and multi occupancy applications as a locker in a gym.

An unique feature of Be-Tech is that there is a silent mode that will provide comfort in places that need to be quiet at all times. Be-Tech’s solutions provide a great level of security for both shared and personal lockers. They also possess industry-leading technology with elegant design and aesthetically pleasing looks.

The Best Key for Cabinets Is Going Keyless

In conclusion the electronic cabinet locks are keyless operated which makes unlocking and locking a cabinet very simple and are suitable for any style of locker room for extra comfort for users. Even though it may be pricier that manual locks they will definitely help businesses with a great return on investment as people because of the comfortability will be prone to return to places using an electric cabinet lock.

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