What Are The Characteristics To Look For In Hotel Door Locks?

There are some things that hotel managers should take in consideration before investing in hotel door lock for a new hotel. Even though it is a good option there are different varieties of locks to choose from.

This article will list some of the features of good RFID card locks that are very important to known before investing in these necessary products.

What Are The Characteristics To Look For In Hotel Door Locks?

  • Anti-burglar protection: this is an added characteristic that electric locks provides that the mechanical ones don’t possess. It refers to the anti-burglar bolt which refers to: when a door is closed and lock, the anti-burglar bolt, that is an undetected part installed in the lock, is also closed and will stop any try of using tools to break in.
  • Emergency escape: this is a great feature that not all companies include in their locks. It is a function that will help open the door quickly from inside even if it were locked. It allows for emergency escapes.
  • Energy consumption: this electronic lock consume very low energy.
  • Maintenance: these locks are normally powered by AA batteries, which normally can last for a year. This refers also to the last point of low energy consumption.
  • Privacy: When the “don’t disturb” sign is on the lock, the RFID cards will detect this and the access will be denied.  A red LED light is displayed on the reader and only the administrator’s card would be able to be used.
  • Additional safety: this is the perfect feature for hotels because it refers that there is one administrator card which means it has access to all areas in a hotel. This provides additional safety because no guests would be able to enter a room where they are not supposed to be in.

So what are some good options of safe hotel door locks? There is a hotel door lock company that goes by the name of Be-Tech, that specialize on the manufacture of electric door locks and electric safes. For example their product series SHADOW II RFID has been especially designed for those hotels that spend a lot of effort in the design of their hallways. These locks come in different colors and finishes so, hotels can choose the ones that blends perfectly with the doors.

This product will work best for those hotels with a more contemporary and modern esthetic. Because of its minimalistic design it will blend perfectly with the decoration of any hotel. Always less details are appreciated more, as it enhances the overall image of a place, in this case the hotel corridor.

Are you not convinced yet? Then keep on reading some of the features that this lock possess.

  • Handles: Stainless steel with SUS304 quality
  • Metal Finishes: Silver, Matte Black
  • Emergency Opening Options: Mechanical cylinder to work the lock from the inside.
  • Locking Mechanism: Electro-mechanical
  • Compatible with BIS HOTEL software platform.
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