Advantages of RFID Electronic Door Lock

As technology advances, the RFID electronic door lock has taken an important place in the competition of the electronic door lock market with its outstanding features. Then, the RFID key door lock is one of the most commonly used door locks in commercial use. Compared with the traditional key lock, the RFID door lock allows keyless entry. Today, the author would illustrate the advantages of RFID electronic door locks which could present the reasons why RFID door lock is popular.


Relying on modern technology, RFID key cards are much harder to copy than traditional keys. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about the safety where unauthorized users are concerned. For example, you could cancel the authority of the resigned employee, and don’t to concern whether someone could invade your hotels and harm your guests.


Due to the appropriate size of the RFID card, the key card is easy to store and carry. Therefore, we can carry the card for a whole day. Therefore, it has a low possibility to happen that the key cards are left behind other places. By the way, the RFID card door lock also avoids the issue of fumbling around for keys happens.


Electronic Hotel Lock – Visual II RFID

High Compatibility

Pacing with the development of modern technology and the door lock market, RFID door locks are also developed to a range of different cams and spindle lengths which can be installed in a wide range of doors and furniture. Also, some door lock manufacturers specialize in the application occasions of the door lock. If you are a hotelier, you

Cost Saving

For the commercial places where a large number of people visit, for instance, fitness clubs, it had better not to use a large number of traditional keys, because the wide use of traditional keys would cause a high equipment cost, degrade the safety, and other issues. Furthermore, if the key is misplaced or lost, we have to spend extra money to find locksmith services. However, the RFID key card avoids these above issues, the is cheap and easy to replace.


Be-Tech provides different types of RFID electronic door locks and safety products for smart operation. Furthermore, Be-Tech offers advanced and modern safety solutions for hotels, resorts, rental condominiums, private apartments, and so on. Be-Tech could be your one-stop security system shop.

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