Benefits Of Access Control Systems

Access control simply means an electronic device that is used to restrict access into a building or a selected area. They may be integrated on doors and windows of a building, used to restrict access to designated areas inside a compound, or used in the main gate outside the building.

For example, you might have a certain sector in your building used for keeping important files and storing confidential records, I will be necessary to limit the access to that sector to certain employees. An access control system will then limit the access to that room to only staffs that are verified. Holder’s total security knows that not all business makes use of the access control system but only those who can relate to these follow benefits.


Most retail businesses have merchandises and other office properties with high value, for example, laboratory, clinics and pharmacies that have drugs with high street values have a risk of being broken into and robbed. That’s where the access control system comes into play. It keeps tracks of everybody that comes in and goes out, logging every activity of each individual.


There are big businesses that have to face the problem of detecting employees one way or the other. Access Control System prevents strangers from entering restricted areas undetected.


An Access Control System will allow the business to limit the number of people accessing the vault of files. It gives right to only authorized people to enter these sensitive areas.



Access Control System gives only authorized employees the right to access selected areas in the company. For instance, a business with a supply room of valuables will want to limit the number of people that can access the room. By so doing, they can keep track of their supplies. Or, for a company that has hazardous chemicals and equipment.


There are large businesses that have multiple locations across the compound. Access Control System will give limited access to employers who need to enter a sector of the building and also unlimited access to those employees that need access to every part of the building.

The Access Control System is not only for businesses. It is also employed in apartment complexes, garages, college buildings, and even government buildings. The BE-Tech Door Control Unit is the ultimate way out. They give access control on common household doors in places like the gym room, the health centres, conference rooms and staff rooms in schools. Our doors are fitted with an electronic locking system that is fully operational.


•    Matte black coloured modern reader

•    Fitted with twin reader fastened to both sides of the passage door.

•    Compatible with BIS Hotel and BIS Locker systems.

•    Inward “door exit” that has a “touch and go” function for hotel guest.

•    An alternative battery in case there is a power outage

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