How to Set &Change Code on Keypad Door Lock

The function of setting and changing the code on the keypad front door locks is always the crucial part to determine the convenience of the door lock. If the operation is too difficult, the users may usually set the wrong master code and access code, as a result, they are locked out.

Fortunately, Be-Tech is the leading China keyless keypad door lock supplier, and always works hard to provide the great RFID keypad door lock with the most convenient functions. Today, allow me to set this black keyless door lock as an example to show you how to easily set and change the code in the Be-Tech door lock.

4 Steps to Set Master Code on Keypad Door Lock

Step 1: Reset the Lock(optional, for the beginning)

First, you need to dig out the battery cover of the back lock along the groove. Second, use a stick to press the reset button. After the keypad door lock keeps beeping, you need to release the reset button. At the same time, the keypad will wake up, you need to enter 0#. After three beeps arise, the lock successfully makes the factory setting.

Step2: Make Sure that the Door Is Open And Unlocked

This is the first and most important step which ensures that you would not be locked out when an error occurs during the setting process. You should bear this step in mind, especially if you only have an entry/exit door in your home. Also, you could use any object to help you block your door from closing. Then, you also should make sure to keep the door lock unlocked. In other words, the deadbolt should not be extending outwards.

Step3: Touch the Keypad and Enter Two Random Code

It is an important step to wake up the keypad door lock.

Step4: Enter the Code(6-12 digits)+#

After waking the keypad door lock, you could start to program the master code.

Step5: Repeat Code + #

After a beep, you need to repeat the new setting master code to confirm the code in this rfid keypad door lock.

How to Set &Change Code on Keypad Door Lock

Rfid Keypad Door Lock

5 Steps to Change Master Code on Keypad Door Lock

If you have no idea about what master code you set on the keypad front door lock before, you could follow these steps to change the master code. Be-Tech offers an easy method to change master code. You just need to follow the 5 easy steps to change the code.

Step 1: Make sure that the door is open and unlocked

You need to repeat the first step of setting the master code, you need to make sure the door is open and the keypad door lock not locking(the deadbolt should not be extending outwards).

Note: The master or programming code is totally different from an access code. The master code is for the code programming. And the access code is for unlocking the door lock.

Step2: Touch the Keypad & Enter Codes

Be-Tech offers an easy method to change master code. In this door lock, you just need to touch the keypad and enter two random codes to trigger the door lock.

Step3: Enter *+01+#

You need to enter *01# on the keypad. This step is used for letting the keypad turn to the state of reprogramming the master door lock.

Step4: Enter Old Master Code +#

You need to enter the old master # to confirm you are the master or owners of the property. This step could prevent some

Note: In this door lock, the master code is usually 6-12 digits.

Step5: Enter New Master Code

After finishing entering the old master code, it is time to enter the new master code.

Step6: Repeat to Enter New Master Code


Therefore, you just need to follow 5 easy steps to set the maser code and 6 easy steps to change the master code in the Be-Tech keypad door lock. If you want to find the best keypad door lock with easy management, Be-tech, a professional China fingerprint keyless keypad door lock manufacturer, could satisfy all your specific needs.

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