What’s the Differences Between Electronic Hotel Door Lock and Traditional Door Lock

The world is truly going digital, and hoteliers also adopt electronic locks for hotel doors to perfect their management system. But, what are the differences between the main trend of hotel electronic door lock systems and the traditional door lock? This post would illustrate the differences between them.

Hotel Electronic Door Locks VS Traditional Door Locks: Entry Solution

The first difference between hotel electronic door locks and traditional door locks is the entry solution. The various electronic door lock system structure determines they are different. The traditional door lock only provides one way to unlock the lock – a physical key. As for the electronic door lock, it provides multiple entryways for users.


Rfid Key Card Door Lock

The working principle of the electronic door locks is they use something called actuators, which move the bolt of the lock into place so that the door can open, then you simply have to trigger the actuator and your door will open. Today, many modern devices can trigger the actuators, such as RFID cards, smartphones, fingerprints, etc. For an instance, rfid key card door lock allows you to enter the guestroom, once you use the right RFID key card to trigger the electronic door locks.

Hotel Electronic Door Locks VS Traditional Door Locks: Convenience

The traditional door locks cylinder only can provide one way to unlock the door, which reduces the flexibility of accessing controls. In contrast, the advanced electronic hotel door lock system ensures that only authentication users unlock the door and allows owners to set a valid time. Therefore, the users don’t need to worry about lost or forgotten keys.

Hotel Electronic Door Locks VS Traditional Door Locks: Security

Security is the most obvious difference between hotel electronic door locks and traditional door locks. The physical keys are easy to lose, stolen, and duplicated. Once the physical key is lost, you have to consider whether should you exchange the door locks. The electronic hotel door locks are the winner in this competition with their modern digital technology. The electronic hotel door locks could be linked to the hotel security system to greatly secure the guests. The electronic hotel room door locks records audit trails which means the door lock has a certain ability of activity tracking. This function would help a lot to enhance security. But, most people, especially the hoteliers, also worry about the hack of the electronic door lock, meanwhile, they are using the electronic door lock.


Door Lock Rfid System

Generally speaking, electronic door locks and commercial smart door locks can be hacked. The hacking is a risk and the hotel electronic door lock is no exception. However, if they are installed correctly, their software is kept up to date and you keep your passwords safe, then they are extremely difficult to hack. One thing we need to notice is that Be-Tech has its own anti-hacker technology for locks. Be-Tech anti-hacker technology does not allow re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon. Therefore, the hotel electronic door lock hack is not an issue you need to pay more attention to.


After the comparison between them, we may get the conclusion that the electronic door lock for hotels is better than the traditional door lock. But, where can I get the best electronic door locks for hotels? In the following posts, the author would introduce the best hotel electronic door locks, which are manufactured by Be-Tech, one of the leading electronic door lock manufacturers in China.

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