Be-Tech’s Harmony In-room Safe Guarantee’s Security to Hotel Guests

Hotel guest’s security and convenience should be a hotel’s top priority. For the hotel’s guests to be able to relax and not worry about their belongings or well-being, should be something all hotels strive to achieve. It is an obligation that the hotel rooms should offer the maximum comfort and reliability. The easiest way to achieve this is with a secure electronic hotel safe for the guests to use at their leisure. The electronic hotel safe manufacturer, Be-Tech, offers such a safe. The Be-Tech Harmony in-room safe is a guaranteed reliable electronic hotel safe.

In terms of secure electronic hotel safe manufacturers, is one of the best at the list. Their series of Harmony in-room safes are one of the most advanced options out there. Not only are the safes manufactured with the industry’s leading audit trial technology, but they are also a very economical choice. With Be-Tech’s Harmony safes, it is very easy to manage each safe and to check the status of each safe individually.

Be-Tech offers their Harmony in-room electronic hotel safes in a wide variety of models and sizes in order to meet the needs of any hotel room.


The Be-Tech Harmony safes come with a number of beneficial features.

• Handheld Service Unit (HSU):

The Handheld Service Unit assists the user in easily and speedily setting up their Harmony safe. With the HSU setting, it offers you the ability to connect the settings from one safe to another and to even print out a 300 past event record from the safe’s internal memory. The HSU feature also acts as the override key, which ensures the user easy and secure daily operation of their safe.

The Harmony safes are available in a number of additional models: 2HL, 10HL, 1HL, 3HL, 5HL, 6HL.

• Outlets:

A power outlet is attached to the inside door on a few models of the Harmony electronic hotel safe. This power outlet is placed there for the user’s convenience and is optional, but an interesting feature. The internal power outlet is available on models 3HL, 5HL, and 6HL. The power outlet itself works with Universal, Euro, US, and UK plugs.

• AC/DC adapter:

The AC/DC adapter power supply is an environmentally friendly feature the Harmony safes offer. This optional feature works to reduce battery consumption. As a bonus, this feature of the safes can act as a booster for any hotels green, environmentally friendly image.

The Be-Tech Harmony electronic hotel safe is a valuable asset to any hotels looking to put their guests at ease and offer them the best protection for their valuables possible. The safe itself is built small enough to be convenient, but at the same time big enough to store any kinds of valuables guests could be worried about. The electric lock was built in a way that makes it simple for users to open and close the safe with a specific code. The electronic hotel safe manufacturer Be-Tech invented the safe with simplicity and security in mind.

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