Mjm Access Control System From Be-Tech

Be-Tech is the leading door locking mechanism manufacturer and access control systems manufacturers in China. Being one of the best access control systems manufacturers, they need to maintain their quality and technology.

The only reason that Be-Tech is at the top of the access control systems manufacturers is that they do very well in terms of quality and specifications. One of the popular products they manufacture is the MJM access control system. Here we will discuss all about this.

Features of MJM access control system from Be-Tech:

· Inward wireless exit button.

One feature that most of the access control systems lack is the presence of an internal way of exiting the place or opening the door from the inside. As the access control systems work wirelessly, unlocking the door from the inside needs to be mechanical in most of the cases. Otherwise, you have to install separate devices for inside and outside as well.

The MJM access control system on the other hand has a wireless exit button that can be placed inside, and it will make opening the room very easy from the inside.

· Compatible with various devices.

One of the best features of the MJM access control system is that it is compatible with a ton of different devices. Some of them are listed below:

Electronic drop bolt.

Electronic strike.

Electronic magnetic lock.

· Can be mounted in pairs.

If you don’t want to allow the access to leave the room or the place to everyone present inside, then you can also use the MJM access control system in pairs for inside and outside and this will be a fully functional access control system.

Mjm Access Control System From Be-Tech

Why use MJM access control system from Be-Tech:

The MJM access control system from Be-Tech will bring the following benefits.

· Restrict sensitive arears

Businesses never provide full access to their employees. The human resource department contains all sensitive information of company and its employees which is not made public for staff members. Using special access control keycards will only allow specific people to enter such sensitive areas.

· Duplication is difficult

No one can have a duplicate of your keycards of access control system. It means theft of valuables and sensitive documents will be impossible. However, if keycards are lost you can quickly change codes and cancel the access of lost keycards.

· No hectic installation process.

If you have to install a lot of MJM access control systems and you are worried about the installation process, then you need not to worry anymore. It is because this system comes with an easy wall Snap-On mounting design for easier and cleaner installation.

· Stylish design.

The MJM access control system will not cause any difference in the aesthetic appearance of your place because it comes in a very sleek and stylish design.

Pros of MJM access control system from Be-Tech:

Easy to use, control, and manage.

Low voltage application makes it usable everywhere.


Be-Tech makes a lot of locking and access management systems for different uses as they are one of the best access control systems manufacturers. Here we discussed some of the features of the MJM access control system in terms of its features and benefits.

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