• Digital Mortise Lock • Fingerprint & RF Card & Touchpad • 60mm Backset GB Lockcase • Silver


Introducing the Fingerprint RFID Card & Touchpad Digital Door Lock – V4A3FMT, a revolutionary product from Be-Tech Lock. This state-of-the-art security solution combines the convenience of keyless entry with the high-tech security features of biometric and RFID technology.

Key Features

Various Access Solutions

The V4A3FMT offers three convenient access solutions:

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • RF Card key
  • PIN code

This variety ensures you’ll always have a secure and convenient way to access your property.

One-Touch Fingerprint Verification

Thanks to the advanced one-touch fingerprint verification technology, you can unlock your door in a single shot. No more fumbling for keys or forgetting combinations!

Operation Status Notification

The LED indicator provides clear and immediate feedback about the lock’s status through different colors and signs. You’ll always know what’s happening with your lock.

Scramble Code

Worried about someone watching you enter your code? The scramble code feature allows you to enter random numbers before your actual code, keeping your security intact.

Automatic Locking

Forget to lock the door? No problem! The door will automatically lock after being open for a few seconds. Manual operation is also available.

Missing Key Invalidation

If you lose your key or card, simply delete the corresponding ID from the system. It’s as if the key never existed!

Anti-Panic Exit System

In case of an emergency, you can open the door by simply turning the handle from inside. Safety first!

Alarm System

If someone attempts to open the door with an incorrect fingerprint, RF card, or PIN code five times, an alarm will sound for 60 seconds.

Low Battery Warning

A continuous “beep” sound during door access will alert you when it’s time to replace the batteries.

Invisible Keypad

The keypad numbers can only be seen when you touch the screen with your palm. This adds an extra layer of security.

Mechanical Key Override

In case of an emergency, the door can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.


The V4A3FMT is built to last with a sturdy 304 stainless steel body. It can operate in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, making it suitable for almost any environment. It can store up to 91 fingerprint groups, 41 card keys, and 21 user codes. It’s powered by 4X1.5V AA Alkaline batteries, which can last up to 8 months with 20 uses per day.


The Fingerprint RFID Card & Touchpad Digital Door Lock – V4A3FMT is a versatile and secure solution for any property. Whether you’re securing a private apartment, rental condominium, or even a hotel, this lock provides the security and convenience you need.

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