How Is Smart Electronic Lock System Upgrading The Hospitality Industry?

Nowadays, smart electronic locking systems are in huge demand from the hotel owners. With this new trend, all the access control systems manufacturers have started building smart door lock systems for hotels and other establishments under the hospitality industry.

There was once a time when all these classy hotels used to have decades-old mechanical locks that were prone to faults and used to get jammed after providing years of service. These locks used to come up with so many mechanical liabilities that repairing them used to be a massive pain in the pocket. With the advent of electronic locks, the initial set up cost has gone up a bit, but the regular maintenance and repair cost is just close to negligible as they don’t go haywire.

How Is Smart Electronic Lock System Upgrading The Hospitality Industry?

Be-Tech is a reputed access control system manufacturer that has been providing a superior quality security system to its customers consistently for more than 2 decades. Technology is the biggest blessing for the people of the current era that has made finding things easier as well as quicker. With this comes the need for safeguarding the information from any kind of unauthorized access. This has led to the development of smart lock systems which is being increasingly used in houses, apartments, office buildings, warehouses, etc. to prevent the theft of vital information or assets. The fingerprint locks, Touchpad digital locks, RFID cards are some of such smart locks. Such devices prevent the hassle of carrying keys everywhere or remembering the passwords.

You can find the co-working places with door access units or door control units which are co-located in various places like the gym room, staff entrances, conference halls, guest entrances, parking barriers, etc. The main purpose of these control units is to restrict the entrance of the people to the places, who are not authorized to do so and are likely to tamper the resources or information in the area.  Such security units play a major role in controlling people from entering the place at a particular time or place. Though the security guards used to carry out the same functions earlier, the digitization and invention of such products have made the process much easier as well as safer.

Now when you know about the door control units, it is important to identify the right manufactures for buying one. It is strongly recommended to opt for those who have a previous track record in providing quality products to the people. Be-Tech is one such company in China that provides products like the Model MJM door control unit, best suited for the communal working places and is simple to use. They can even be used in hotel. They are CE certified and have a wireless door exit which is switched inward in the door control unit. With such a door control unit, the co-working place becomes safe and comfortable for everyone to operate. It has been providing high-quality smart door locks to its customers in the country as well as overseas.

The MJM DCU model of the company operates at a supply voltage of 18 VDC and a supply current of 6A. It has 4 parts, i.e. the door control unit with the reader, the relay box having a battery and inward door exit switch. It comes in matte black color and is suited for BIS hotel and BIS locker systems. The battery system of the product ensures its stability even when the power supply is unstable. Similarly, the 2700M Model has only 3 parts as the above model expect the relay box with battery. The extra parts in this model are electronic drop bolt lock and an electronic magnet lock.

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