Be-Tech’s Guardian RFID Locking System

Security needs and security products have evolved alike. The security needs of any kind of industry have grown over time, but luckily security products have kept up with that growth. Many smart lock manufacturers have updated their existing lock systems to meet the new requirement. They have also come up with some new products, such as the RFID hotel locking system.

Product Evolution
When setting up or choosing which lock system is the best for your security needs, there are two main factors to consider. For door-hardware systems, dimensions and frequency of use are the two main factors to be taken in. Considering aesthetic factors should also be part of deciding what lock to use. Most smart lock companies now days can customize the components of the lock and provide a complementing appearance. Locks can be painted or plated as desired.

Smart lock manufacturers offer different types of locks, electronic and regular as needed. For buyers looking to buy locks, they should look into buying from a company with a reputable and secure stature. Smart lock companies have come up upgraded high-security locks. A spring lock, deadbolt, keypad, and knob or handle are all included in one unit. Whoever is in charge is issued a code to keep or share among their workers. A master key is also an option if managers want to allow workers to open the lock without using a code.

Handles of most any kind are available. Smart lock manufacturers understand the need for the locks not only work for security but to also look good. A number of different finishes such as polished brushed stainless steel, or matte is available for the steel locks. Steel is used because it is the standard material for good quality locks, but the finish is free to be changed however buyers like.

Electronic lock systems are becoming much more popular because they have less of a chance of tampering.  A makeshift key can be made within minutes out of key blanks, hacksaw blades, ordinary hand tools, and a bench grinder. As a better and higher security option, smart lock manufacturers have introduced not only digital keypad locks, but also magnetic card locks and biometric identification card locks.

ANSI/BHMA has put forth their expected standard for high-security systems to meet. The smart lock company, Be-Tech’s products are intended to meet the ANSI/BHMA standards, and most of their products are ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified.


Be-Tech’s Guardian RFID hotel lock system is specially built for outdoor hotel locks. This lock system equips the hotel with premium Radio Frequency Identification technology. This RFID hotel lock system is offered  a reasonable price for high-quality security.

The Be-Tech Guardian RFID G1 lock system is a more intensive version of their other system. The G1 system has international certifications that work to the greater advantage of the guest, though the G0 and G1 both offer the same performance. The G1 system can be said to be the more luxurious version as it allows a better view outside of escutcheon and is designed to allow the future use of all-in-one cards.

The smart lock company, Be-Tech, is devoted to their providing electronic security solutions to any and all industries where needed. Each of their systems can be configured to meet the requirements of their buyers. They strive to meet every security need and to offer the best solutions possible. For these aspirations, Be-Tech has been acknowledged as a leader and expert in the smart lock industry.

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