How Can You Choose the Best Smart Lock for Your Rental Condominiums?

Using a lock and key system is not as good as it once was. The idea of having a piece of metal that pushes pins into a position might sound OK, but it’s not as good as you would want it to be. That’s why using a smart, keyless electronic digital door lock is a much better option.

It’s the electronic Hotel Locks industry that brought this trend to the masses. The interesting thing here is that smart locks help you stay away from situations when thieves can make a copy of that key. One of the key advantages of smart locks is that they eliminate the risk of unauthorized key duplication, which can be a security concern with traditional locks 5 Misconceptions About Electronic Smart Locks. On top of that, using cards is more convenient. This means results are a whole lot better and the results as a whole get to be more distinct. Replacing the hotel card is very easy, which makes it a lot better to invest in such a unit.

With the development of the digital door lock company, the digital door lock develop the rental condominiums function is very mature to configure and use in your business. The digital locks can be configured on the spot, so even if you lost the key, that can be easily rendered unusable which is what matters the most in such a situation. You can even have multiple keys generated for a single lock, so everyone will have access to your rental condominiums Best Smart Lock for Rental Condominiums.

The Be-Tech model G7A3MT comes with all those features, all while offering you the convenience and value that you always wanted. If you want to step away from the mechanical locks and use an illuminated, numeric and smudge-proof keypad, this is the right one for you 5 Superior Hotel Door Lock Features.

Great features:

  • The keypad numbers can be seen if you touch the screen with your palm.
  • You have dedicated LED indicators that will let you know what’s happening via different signs and colors.
  • The automatic locking system will automatically lock the door after opening it. You also have manual operation if needed.
  • The included alarm system will last for around a minute and it appears if someone adds the incorrect RF card or PIN code 3 times.
  • In case the battery is low, the lock automatically alerts you to replace batteries.
  • There’s even a scramble code that allows you to enter random numbers before you add the code. This way you can avoid exposing the code to other people.
  • The mechanical key override enables you to unlock the unit with a mechanical key if necessary.

By using Be-Tech smart lock you can easily secure your business (rental condominiums) quickly and with great success. If you want to keep your business safe in the long run, this is the right unit for you! Best Door Lock Suppliers Best Security Touchpad Digital Door Lock

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