A Great Safety Solution for Your Rental Condominiums

When you are frustrated about how to administrate your rental condominiums and use the lowest management cost to provide convenience and safety. What a fortune, Be-tech offers great solutions for a rental condominium. For an instance, Be-tech offers a rental condominium security solution including fingerprint lock, cabinet lock, elevator access, smart safe, energy control unit, and other gated equipment. In the following parts, the author would clearly illustrate the solution to show how Be-tech provides a high-quality safety system.

Be-Tech Cyber II RFID (C2800M8)

Be-Tech Cyber II RFID

This is an electronic cabinet lock not only has high standard security and smart design but also offers the latest RFID technology. When this cabinet door lock is applied to the shared use cabinet, the user only can use the specific card to open the specific occupied cabinet. In the assigned use, the user can open the cabinet whose number is the counterpart to the number of the guest room. The guest’s key card is valid throughout the guest’s stay.

Fingerprint & Pin Code Digital Door Lock

fingerprint and pin code digital door lock

Talking about the safety solution of rental condominiums, we inevitably want to purchase the door lock. The above digital door lock is the ideal choice for your rental condominium project. Fingerprint and PIN codes are available in this digital door lock. Also, the PIN code supports an instant PIN coder for security. The door lock system is also equipped with an alarm system. The alarm will be on and lasts for 60 seconds if anyone attempts to open the with an incorrect Fingerprint or PIN code 3 times.

RFID Elevator Controller

RFID Elevator Controller

Elevator controller is one of the most essential safety products for the rental condominium, especially multi-story apartments. The elevator controller only allows the guests with a valid keycard to use the elevators. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with BIS hotels.

Door Control Unit

With its dark color design, this door control unit could match the different styles of the rental condominiums. This door control unit is compatible with not only the twin-reader mounting on the passage door on both sides, but also BIS hotel and BIS lock systems. Without much exaggeration to say, it is the perfect solution to provide access control on common doors, such as health centers, parking barriers, gym rooms, staff entrances, and so on.

Electronic Hotel Safe

electronic hotel safe

The hotel safe is one of the necessities for the high grand rental condominium. The great hotel safe safeguards the valuables of the guests. Be-Tech Guard in-room safe is a great combination between smart technology and Chinese unique design. Different designs, an illuminated blue keypad, and a high-quality safe platform are all concentrated in this electronic hotel safe.

BIS Hotel

BIS hotel

Be-Tech’s BIS Hotel is an all-featured, functionally rich intelligent system. This system is strong, flexible, and convenient. It can satisfy the needs of any hotel. The system can achieve all-in-one security management, tour group check-in, and shift-to-shift operations with its multi-functions.


The five above safety products make the perfect combination of the rental condominiums security system between “perfect flexibility” and “standardization”. If you are hunting for a perfect security solution for a rental condominium, Be-Tech can be your ideal choice. Its safety solutions of rental condominiums will provide more possibilities for the intelligent management of the rental condominiums.

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