Need a Fool Proof Security Lock? Try Pin Code Door Locks For The Best Experience

These days, security locks have gone through a huge revolutionary change and for a very good reason. Pin code door locks, fingerprint door locks, smart digital locks and security apps intertwined with door locks are very interesting and secure for homes and commercial offices. It’s pretty obvious that we see new security challenges but then there are numerous opportunities for lock manufacturing companies.
Be-Tech is a smart door lock manufacturing company located in China. We make different types of locks for a range of people. Some of them are digital, some are a little bit tech-savvy, and some of them are quite similar to traditional locks but the keys are replaced with pin code or keycard. One of the best in our door locks is that they offer ease of access and can be used for all ages of people.

Here we are going to discuss one of the pin code door locks. Have a look:
Need a Fool Proof Security Lock? Try Pin Code Door Locks For The Best Experience


Choosing this lock is a great choice for any residence. Its design is contemporary and chic with an invincible keypad. It only appears when you touch it with your palm. It comes with 60 mm Backset GB Lock case in two colors i.e. black and coffee gold. This pin code door lock is digital mortise lock and has two options for access. One is through the RF card and the second is through a pin code. This pin code door lock features red and green LED lights. These LED lights only blink when there is an operation going on like opening of the door or closing, and there are other signs, so both of these are indicators of operations.

As for the other features, pin code door lock is automatic and get closed on its own after a few seconds of its opening. There is an option for manual opening and locking as well but most of the users prefer the automatic setting. There is a prominent feature in this door that allows the owner to make a quick pin code and use it. But if you lose your RF card or forget your pin code and enter an invalid code, the security system in the door lock will shut it until you register it again. Meanwhile, the alarms can off to indicate that someone is trying the invalid pin code or RF card. But there is an anti-panic exit system, this can be initiated from the inside of the home. Or you can just open the door and it will activate. There is another safe side to this lock, and it is entering any random number before you enter the right code. It is called a scramble code. It can happen with most people you know or your family, but it could be a burglar as well.

As for the hardware, the door lock itself is valid for many years, but the batteries might need a change after a while. When batteries are weak, the door lock will constantly beep, and you would know you need to change its batteries.

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