Hotel Best Security Yet Easy-to-use Electronic Lock

Any business premise despite how small or big it might seem, needs additional protection. This ensures that you get away from risks of losing your hardly-earned money easily to robbery or theft. In addition to this, you can use this hotel electronic lock in giving access to specific guests allowed in the hotel such as accommodations and many more.

Normally, these hotel door lock will use a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for door locking or also use a magnetic door lock. Nevertheless, Be-Tech incorporates the use of the RFID door which are much easier to use, keyless solution and with extra and updated security features which will make you more satisfied on its use.

Why use the Be-Tech Hotel Electronic Lock-SHADOW II RFID

Well, with many types of hotel electronic locks in the market, you might wonder why choose a certain brand over others. Generally, you will find many similar properties and features on the product you would love to purchase. However, the question will rise on how satisfied you will remain while using your product after you purchase it.

Here are some of the best features you will enjoy from the use of the Be-Tech electronic lock;

Hotel Best Security Yet Easy-to-use Electronic Lock

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

Unlike the use of the traditional magnetic key card door locks, Be-tech provides you with the best qualities in the market. Its electronic lock systems feature the use of the RFID technology which provides better options while compared to the traditional magnetic key card door locks.

For effectiveness on how it works, it incorporates the use of several components on this system. This includes the following;

· RFID door lock card reader

· RFID key fob or key card

It is not necessary to swipe or insert a card on this RFID technology. However, to enhance its ease of use, it uses radio frequencies through its RFID reader on the door within a certain proximity. The smart device of the guest or the hotels RFID key card is programmed by the hotel whenever a guest checks in.

On waving the smart device or the key card on the front of the card reader, the guest’s information is quickly communicated to the door lock reader, authorization verification is done and then unlocks the door for the user.

Importance of Hotel Locking System

Be-Tech hotel locking system provides you with more additional benefits which ensure that you have an optimal use of this lock system on your organization. Below are some of the benefits of the Be-Tech hotel lock system;

· Improved security from the use of the smart device access

· Extra security on your cards due to the lack of using physical cards which can be easily lost

· Where RFID cards are used, durability is assured considering that there is no inserting of the cards on the card reader.

· Reduced wear and tear on the card reader as no card are inserted on the reader.

· Easy programming on allowing or even restricting access to the hotel amenities as well as other access points within the same hotel.

Product Specs

· Made from Stainless steel material which is highly durable.

· Features metal finishes of silver, Matte Black

· Contains an electro-mechanical locking mechanism

· Features a panic release function in case of emergency situation through retracting by the inside handle

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