Get the key free entry with the latest locking systems

Technology making our lives easier and more secure. There are many individuals that have been suffering from the security issues. In order to resolve the problem, the smart locks have been introduced in the market. There are different types of locks and selection of the best one is often confusing. It is important that you get the keyless entry locking system because it can provide you the best protection. Here is how the latest locking systems work.

Key free entry

The best thing about the Key free entry is that you will not have to carry any keys. Thieves will not get a chance to make a copy of your keys which means that you will get some extra protection. The Key free entry smart locks will help you to enter the home by adjusting three different types of locks.
• Fingerprint lock: you can have the fingerprints of all the family members copied into the system to assure that you will get extra protection
• PIN code: it is the commonly used type of locking system in which you can select a pin. Share it only with the trustworthy people and assure to change it every month
• RFID key card: the RFID key card will provide you the third locking options. You can select the one if you don’t mind to carry the key card.

Battery operated technology

Most of the smart locks are operated with electricity. It means that if something happens to the electricity you might be stuck outside the house or the smart lock will fail to work. On the other hand, Be-Tech smart lock manufacturers have the latest type of smart locks developed that are battery operated. It means that you will not have to connect the lock to the wires. You will only have to change the batteries if the low battery warning signal occur which means you will not have to be locked outside your door. And the batteries will last up to 12 months(10 times used a day).
Scramble code option
The biggest attraction of the latest smart lock system is the scramble code. There are chances that a stranger has come to your house with you to collect something and you are not planning to share the PIN with him. Before you enter the real PIN code, you are forced to enter two scramble codes, and then you can easily enter the real PIN code that will open the door. The person who is trying to find your code will not be able to understand that what you have some here.

Get the key free entry with the latest locking systems

G8A3FT is all you need

If you are looking for the best quality smart door locks Be-Tech smart lock company has the best product for you. Some of the amazing features that you will come across in the best locking system by Be-tech are
• LED marker educates you what is going on through various signs.
• Keyless lock will be secured consequently if someone is trying to open the door by force
• For comfort and if there should be an occurrence of crisis, it enables you to open the entryway by just diverting its handle from inside.
• Alert will be on and goes on for 60 seconds in the event that anybody has entered wrong Fingerprint or PIN code for 3 times.
G8A3FT is the latest smart lock that has been developed with the fingerprint and touchpad locking technology. You can set your own personal lock and notice that it will give you the satisfaction that you are safe.

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