Electronic Cabinet Locks and their Top Benefits

Have you ever thought of using electronic locks for your drawers, lockers, cabinets, and cupboards? If not then here is an opportunity for you. These locks can be used as stand-alone which can be controlled by control devices or key switches which are operated by a guard or a receptionist in order for all cabinets to be unlocked and locked concurrently. Be-Tech are electronic cabinet lock suppliers and electronic cabinet lock manufacturers who have specialized in manufacturing high-quality products.

Electronic Cabinet Locks and their Top Benefits

Why should you pick Be-Tech?

Be-Tech manufactures and designs solutions that focus on enhancing the guest experience and reduce operating costs. Be-Tech manufacture electronic locks for lockers, RFID locks and locks for electronic safes. Our team of engineers is highly qualified. Locks are tested and built against all temperature odds. Be-Tech manufactures the circuit boards that are inside the locks in the house where they are assembled, designed and tested as well.

Functions of electronic cabinet lock- Cyber Digit Sim

It basically has two types of functions which are:
• Private Function
This is one of the common functions of the electronic cabinet lock. This is used where similar code is to be used repeatedly. For example, a student in school can use it.
• Public Function
This function involves the use of single user code. The guest can enter a code that is personal and comprises of 4-9 digits in order to lock the cabinet. The exact same code is entered to change the password. The public function is only for a short-term, for example, a gym locker.

Benefits of using an electronic cabinet lock

Some of the benefits are:
• Convenience
These locks are very convenient. You no longer have to worry about losing your keys. All you have to do is memorize the access code which will help you to get in and out of your cupboard just by pressing buttons. These electronic locks are easier to use. You longer have to shuffle bags for finding your key.
• Community Key
Instead of having separate keys for every member you can easily share the access code among one another. It will be much easier for everyone. Everyone can access the cabinets whenever they want.
• Customization
Custom access code enables you to protect your cabinets in various ways. You can also have a new code each year or month. You can easily change the code when you want to.
Protecting what you have is crucial. Security locks are not a joke and are a basic necessity now. People are looking for new things each day in order to protect their costly assets. Security is always a priority. Be-Tech provides only high-quality products to customers. For any type of query or information visit our website http://www.betechlock.com

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