Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel RFID Door Lock

Reviewing the past of the hotel industry, it is found that the hotel room rfid door locks have dominated the hotel door locks system. And even the rfid door lock key card helps guests make a deal with the resort space. The wristband with an RFID chip provides the most convenience for guests to consume in the hotel and resort spaces.

But do you know what exactly the rfid key card door lock does and how hotel key cards work? In this post, the author would solve the frequent questions asked about rfid hotel door locks.

What Rfid Key Card Door Lock Really Can Do?

Most people misunderstand that rfid key card door lock is simply for improving the hotel safety system and reducing the maintenance cost of the hotel. As a matter of fact, the current rfid key card door lock could help the hotel implement some of their hotel design concept.

First: the RFID keycards and carriers have various forms, which could compatible with any style of the hotel, such as wristbands, keyfobs, etc. With the simple form, the RFID keycards provide guests with a convenient consumption environment.

Second, when the hoteliers complete a series of authorization settings, the hotel door lock would implement the regional compartmentalization that the hotelier’s plan. Therefore, the guests have no right to explore the other important areas. And, the high-end hotel also could set the area for VIPs, with the help of the hotel rfid door lock system.

How Do the Rfid Key Cards Work with the Hotel Door Lock?

The second question also comes to be, “how do the rfid key cards work with the hotel door lock?” In other words, how the guest opens the rfid keyless door lock. First, when you check-in in the hotel reception, the hotel receptionist would program the rfid keycard. Second, when you place the keycard on the hotel room door lock reader, it would automatically read the code to share data with the controller. Third, the controller will further compare the acquired credentials concerning its database to transfer the signal with the electronic lock per the match type. If the data match, the door lock would unlock the door.

How to Program the Rfid Door Lock?

As above mentioned, the rfid door lock program is necessary to ensure the normal working between rfid key cards and keyless electronic rfid door lock. In order to program the rfid door lock, you need to plug the blank key card into the hotel key card programmer which is connected to the computer. Then, you could program the card on the computer. If you want to learn more information about the programming of the rfid door lock, you could click this title: Why Do Hotel Key Cards Need to Be Programmed

Are the Hotel Key Card Store Your Personal Information?

Talking about the programming of the hotel rfid door lock, you may be worried about whether the hotel key card contains your personal information? And, what information is contained on the RFID key card. Generally speaking, the information stored on a hotel key card is not personal information, but it would contain data about your name which is specially encoded, and other data about access, such as the accessing time, the departure time, and food order, etc.

Where to Buy Great Hotel RFID Door Locks?

If you happen to look for RFID hotel locks for your hotel door, the following part may help you. No matter whether you want to replace your old hotel lock with new RFID hotel locks or want to buy RFID hotel locks for your new hotel, Be-tech always offers you the most suitable solution, according to your actual needs. Here are two of the premium rfid hotel door locks.

1. RFID Hotel Door Locks: Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID Elegant Series


Hotel Rfid Door Locks

Adopting the most popular slim design, the Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID Elegant Series is the latest electronic lock. The hotel rfid door locks are specially designed for new construction or renovation hotels, which are capable of implementing design continuity for hotel corridors, guestrooms, and suites. With the advanced design, the hotel rfid door lock has high adaptability. The RFID keycards and carriers can be applied to any style of hotel such as resort, spa, business hotel, etc.

2. Electronic Key Card Door Lock: BASE RFID (9004 SERIES)


Key Card Hotel Door Locks

Be-Tech Base RFID is the classic and high-compatible electronic key card door lock. This series of rfid hotel door locks offer the latest and most reliable Radio Frequency Identification(RFID)technology solution to go contactless. The key card hotel door locks are a forward-looking design, so they are flexible and can be compatible with the future all-in-one card application and has the future-proof re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory.


All in all, in the current economic environment, the rfid door locks still play an important role in safeguarding the hotel room and implementing the hotel design. And the rfid door lock system is still a practical and relatively high-security safety solution for most hotels. If you are looking for RFID hotel door locks for your hotels, you could contact Be-Tech to get the price of the products or the most suitable safety solution.

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