Check Out The New Electronic Cabinet Lock Cyber Ii Touch Especially Made For Hotels

Be-tech is a smart door lock company based in China. They manufacture different sorts of locks that include digital and electronic cabinet locks. These smart electronic cabinet locks can be used in commercial buildings. Be-Tech was established in 1992 and since then, they have continued doing research and development to launch modern tools that have a broad range of electronic security solutions. With the ease of access, convenience, and high-quality products, Be-Tech strives to satisfy all of its customers. Our products include electronic hotel locks, electronic hotel safes, smart security systems, electronic digital door locks, and electronic cabinet locks among other things.

Security is the modern necessity for almost every business but for hotels, it should be on top of the line. Otherwise, your guests won’t feel secure in your hotel. Clearly, upgraded door locks security systems are ideal for rooms in the hotel but there could be more security layers added for the safe side. Back in the day, breaking and entering into people’s place was not as common as it is today. Now, people would break all sorts of traditional locks just to get a small piece of information.

The electronic cabinet locks are great to install in public places of any hotel. Public places such as gym, swimming pool, reception, and bars, all have cabinets of some sort. Installing an electrical cabinet lock in them will secure their belongings and at the end of the day, your hotel’s reputation for security concerns would thrive. Only the concerned person will be able to open it.

Check Out The New Electronic Cabinet Lock Cyber Ii Touch Especially Made For Hotels


If you are looking for electronic cabinet locks, we have just the lock that can solve all of your problems. Check out the latest details about it.

One of the best features you will see in this lock is its sleek and fashionable design. It is built on a flat surface of stain-less-steel. Be-Tech Cyber II Touch (C2800T) can fit on any cabinet easily because of its nice design.  This one also doesn’t need any high maintenance as mechanical locks do.

As for the user codes, first, you need to create a master code that will be applied to all electronic cabinet locks in the hotel. After that you can create the following code levels:

Owner code: 1 group

Master code: 1 group

Service code: 1 group

Permanent code: 10 groups

Temporary code: 1 group

These electronic locks for cabinets have private and public functions as well. The private function is really good for gym or for the locker used by hotel staff. The public function allows the user to change the lock code. They can choose 4 to 9-digit code and use it for their tenure in the hotel. After that, the next user can set his or her own code.

Other technical details include its silver or matte finish black color, 4 x 1.5 AA Batteries that allow 30,000 openings, and Door thickness of 12mm (0.47″) up to 22mm (0.87″).

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