Secure Your Hotel with Be-Tech’s Anti-Panic RF Card Door Lock

Finding the right digital door lock system that meets both security and convenience needs can be a challenge for hotels and other facilities. However, Be-Tech’s Anti-Panic RF Card Digital Door Lock aims to provide the perfect balance of safety and ease-of-use through its innovative design and advanced features. As a leading lock manufacturer based in China, Be-Tech has over 10 years of experience supplying top-quality RFID hotel locks worldwide.

Overview of the Anti-Panic RF Card Digital Door Lock

The Be-Tech Anti-Panic RF Card Digital Door Lock utilizes advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for keyless entry. It is designed specifically for heavy-traffic areas, with an emphasis on convenience, flexibility, and especially security.

This electronic door lock supports multiple credential formats, including key cards, fobs, wristbands, and mobile keys. It also has a built-in high-security cylinder lock for staff override access if needed. The lock communicates via an online network, enabling remote management of access rights, schedules, and audit trails through the central hotel system.

A key feature that makes this lock stand out is its anti-panic egress function. The inside lever allows guests to freely exit without needing any credentials, while outsiders cannot enter without authorized access. This ensures safety in emergency situations while maintaining control over who can enter the room.

Detailed Security Capabilities

As a high-end commercial-grade product, the Anti-Panic RF Card Lock provides robust security through various advanced capabilities:

  • 128-bit data encryption: Communications between the lock, credentials, and server are securely encrypted using the latest standards. This protects against hacking or data theft.
  • Access schedules and blacklists: The online system allows configuring automated access schedules for particular credentials. Expired or lost credentials can also be quickly blacklisted at the lock level.
  • Intrusion alarms: Attempted tampering or physical attacks on the lock trigger loud audio alarms to deter intruders. Alerts are also sent to the server, which can integrate with third-party monitoring systems.
  • Break-in records: If an unauthorized entry occurs, date-time logs record evidence for investigation.
  • Emergency power: The lock continues working in power outages thanks to the built-in battery backup, keeping security intact.
  • Multi-verification modes: For enhanced security, the lock can require multi-factor authentication, such as a keycard plus a PIN code.

These extensive measures ensure complete peace of mind regarding safety. The online connectivity even enables remote security management from anywhere.

User-Friendly Credentials and Access Options

While security is a prime focus, convenient access for authorized staff and guests remains critical for hospitality facilities. This lock aims to strike that balance with various flexible options:

  • Keycard: Popular ISO standard keycards serve as access credentials. These can be customized with facility names and logos and assigned unique access rights.
  • Wristbands: Silicone wristbands are a handy wearable option for access control and are often used for guests at events, conventions, gyms, etc.
  • Key fobs: Small keychain-sized fobs provide another customizable credential format that is simple to carry.
  • Mobile keys: For ultimate convenience, digital keys can be sent to smartphones and opened using the built-in NFC interface.
  • PIN codes: For staff needing regular access, personal identification number codes can be set up for keyless entry.
  • Override keys: Emergency mechanical override keys cater to contingencies and manage risk.

With such flexible options, hotels can issue various credential types tailored to their staffing needs and guest preferences. The online system enables conveniently assigning and updating access rights remotely via a desktop or smartphone app.

Seamless Integration and Management

A major advantage of the Be-Tech Anti-Panic RF Card Lock is its support for comprehensive cloud-based management. The lock seamlessly integrates with standard hotel property management systems (PMS) for efficient, centralized control.

  • Real-time monitoring: Active status monitoring with alerts for low battery, tampering, unauthorized entry, etc.
  • Audit trails: Detailed activity reports, including timestamps for all access events and alerts.
  • Automated expiration: Set credentials to automatically expire after guest checkout dates or staff duty times.
  • Flexible access scheduling: Configure varied access schedules for different credentials tailored to needs.
  • Quick status overview: The dashboard gives instant visibility of all door locks and credentials facility-wide.
  • Mass updates: Simultaneously update settings across multiple locks in one action.

This enables hotels to conveniently manage all aspects of access control through their existing PMS interface, without any need for manually tracking credentials or touching each individual lock.

Why the Anti-Panic RF Card Lock is the Perfect Choice

Considering its unique combination of security, flexibility, and connectivity, the Be-Tech Anti-Panic RF Card Digital Door Lock emerges as the ideal electronic lock solution. It checks all the boxes for hospitality facilities and beyond:

  • High security: Multi-layered protection against hacking, tampering, and unauthorized entry.
  • User convenience: Supports diverse credential formats, including mobile keys, for frictionless access.
  • Emergency safety: The anti-panic feature ensures safe egress without compromising security.
  • Seamless integration: Interoperates directly with existing hotel PMS and security systems.
  • Centralized management: Enables convenient remote administration of every lock and credential.
  • Reliability: Commercial-grade construction withstands heavy daily usage for years.

With game-changing functionality wrapped in a sleek, modern design, this innovative RFID-based digital lock delivers the perfect balance of security and convenience for hotels and related businesses. The built-in battery even keeps it working during power outages, when security matters most.

Overall, the Be-Tech Anti-Panic RF Card Digital Door Lock is a smart choice for forward-thinking facilities seeking an all-in-one electronic access solution. Get in touch with Be-Tech via contact us for more details and pricing options customized to your needs.

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