The Anti-Panic RF Card Digital door Lock that will be the Perfect Security Solution

There is nothing as good as having that feeling of complete security while you are at your home. Not only you but also your family at large will enjoy the benefits of being secure. There needs to be controlled movements at any family entrance door to ensure that only the family members and friends get in through with no panic whatsoever.

To ensure that you save yourself from the hassle of having to check who is coming in, you need to have this PIN code door lock which gives you the best security ever. With this, you will be sure that someone very familiar is getting into your home.

Otherwise, the door lock will alarm you whenever someone else tries to access your home with no configured security requirements.

Be-Tech is pleased to give you the best quality RF Card digital door lock that will give you the best experience. To know more about this amazing PIN code door lock for your family entrance door, keep reading this article.

The Anti-Panic RF Card Digital door Lock that will be the Perfect Security Solution

What you Expect from the V3A8MT PIN Code Door Lock

Satisfaction only comes where your expectations are met. Be-Tech, with their long experience in production of door locks, ensures that you get the best door lock for any use. If you need an advice on which door lock will fit your premises, they are ready to help from consultation with its experts.

However, you don’t need to have any worries as they give you the best door locks in the market which are not only price competitive but also which do not compromise on the quality levels to ensure that you will never get any security challenges.

Below are some of the several things you need to expect as you purchase this amazing PIN Code Door Lock today.

  • Operation Status Notification – This PIN Code door lock features a LED indicator which easily informs you on different operations being done on the door lock hence making its interaction much easier. It will indicate what is happening through the use of different signs and colors from this LED indicator.
  • Invisible Keypad – For an extra security option, this PIN Code door lock keypad is usually invisible which requires you to first touch it with your palm. As most people are not conversant with this, they will be confused on how to enter the PIN hence giving you additional security.
  • Several Access Modes – This RF card digital door lock gives you two access modes which include the use of PIN code or the RF Card key. This is to ensure that you get the best convenience level you require.
  • Automatic Locking – For further security measures, this lock will automatically lock after opening the door a few seconds. In addition to this, you might opt to have the manual operation if you don’t need it to open and close automatically.
  • Scramble Code – As you input the PIN Code, you can first enter a random numbers before you commence the right PIN code. This will ensure that you can hide your PIN Code from strangers for better security.

Product Specs

  • Brand name of this PIN Code door lock is Be-Tech
  • The Model of the product is V3A8MT
  • Can fit an average door thickness of 40 to 80mm
  • It can handle up to 40 keys with one of it being the master key
  • The codes used in PIN codes range from 4 to 9 Digits which can be up to 10 groups o such codes.
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