The Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock – its the best for your home!

Be-Tech has been in the electronic security business in China for more than 28 years. With loads of experience, a history of quality digital and electronic security solutions and great customer service, we design, manufacture and sell door locking mechanisms for any home or apartment. Although we are well-known in China for our quality products, the future of Be-Tech is to expand and promote our security solutions worldwide. So, why struggle with old locking mechanisms, missing keys and dysfunctional locks when you can upgrade, from anywhere in the world, to a safer, more convenient and modern-looking alternative – the Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock.

We produce this biometric door lock R665F-19B perfect in your home, apartment. This system, equipped with the newest one-touch fingerprint verification technology will read your fingerprint in one single shot, so you can virtually walk through any locked door in your home instantaneously. The system has been updated to include an operation status notification so you will always know if a door is locked or not, without pushing down the handle to check. Every new operation will also alert you, so you can be aware of what is going on in every room in your home. The locking mechanism consists of an international standard jimmy-proof tubular latch made from the strongest galvanized steel. The biometric door lock also comes standard with an automatic locking mechanism that will lock the door after it has been closed but unlocked for a few seconds. This ensures that closed doors remain locked for the safety and security of your family.

The Be-Tech Biometric Door Lock - its the best for your home!

Your safety is our main concern, and we only develop and manufacture locks to the highest quality standards. This system is also prefect for homes with young children. In case of an emergency, the lock can be opened without fingerprint ID from the inside, by simply turning the handle, so you, or you child, will never be unexpectedly trapped in a room. The biometric door lock works with a set of three standard AAA alkaline batteries, that will last for up to eight months with regular household use. As an added bonus, a low battery warning system will alert you when the battery is running low and needs to be replaced. This reminder will even switch to a voice reminder when you use the door, to make sure you got the message!

Finally, the Be-tech Biometric Door lock R665F-19B is so easy to install, that you will be able to do it yourself. It comes in a modern matte black look, that will suit any internal decor. All you have to do is visit our user friendly website, place your order and await the delivery of your new biometric door lock. Our friendly, expertly trained sales staff are standing by for your call. We can assist with any questions or queries you may aver about the system, so do not hesitate to call.

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