Be-Tech Providing Innovative Biometric Door Lock And State Of The Art Electronic Security Systems

Looking for a security system that not only protects you and your business but also is budget friendly and won’t require to be upgraded or replaced with the changing times? Well, look no further because now we have got you all covered. BeTech is your one-stop solution to all your security system needs.

At Be-Tech, we provide a wide range of quality electronic locking systems such as biometric door lock, electronic hotel locks and electronic hotel safes. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has now come a long way and it is now serving millions of customers with the trendy and state of the art electronic systems.

We at Be-Tech have a team of highly trained professional engineers who design products based on the principles of design ability, flexibility reliability, and functionality thus making our products the best in business.

With the change in the current trends, Be-Tech has introduced innovations in its products making them stronger and smarter with the goal of making them readily accessible to businesses and people all over the world. All products are designed, assembled, and tested in-house which lowers the cost making them budget-friendly. At Be-Tech we provide secure and reliable solutions to your security problems with our highly flexible and powerful operating system.

All our products are designed according to BHMA/ANSI & EN.Our state of the art locks are installed in many hotels all over the world and it is of great honor that we have been approved by the prestigious InterContinental Hotel Group.

Be-Tech Providing Innovative Biometric Door Lock And State Of The Art Electronic Security Systems

One of the top-rated products of the company is FINGERPRINT AND RFID CARD AND TOUCHPAD DIGITAL DOOR LOCK – I7A6FMTW. It is well equipped with One-touch Fingerprint verification technology which is designed to read a fingerprint in one attempt with ease which makes it one of a kind product in the biometric lock system.

This type of lock system provides a great deal of security since it is biometric, and the fingerprints of two people can’t be the same which makes it safe, thus adding to its value and uniqueness. It provides convenience to its users, in case if someone forgets their key card or has misplaced they can easily access their room by scanning their fingers with the help of a biometric lock system.

The Be -Tech  I7A6FMTW biometric door lock is made up of almunium alloy and its lock case consists of a stainless steel body thus making it durable and providing true quality touch and feel.  The product guarantees maximum security as if someone enters an incorrect code or the fingerprint does not match then an alarm goes off for 60 seconds indicating that there may be potential signs of breaking in.

Be-Tech i7A6FMTW biometric door lock has four access solutions, Mobile key, Fingerprint, RF Card key, or PIN code for your convenience. It can also be accessed mechanically with the help of a key. In order to guarantee high security the doors lock automatically after they have been opened for a few seconds but it can also be done manually.

Keeping its feature in mind this type of lock is best for installing at the door of a family entrance thus keeping you and your family safe from any potential damage or burglary.

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