Get Remote Access Control Through Door Control Units

Door control units have a necessary demand when it comes to the electronic security of your company or firm. It’s because door control units have the capability to prevent, control, and stop access on common doors, like health centers, parking barriers, gym room, guest night entrances, staff entrances, conference room, and more. They are automated units that allow the authorization, access, restriction, or entry to users to a particular area through reading or identification. They are an ideal security solution and can best be used at different commercial properties. The best thing about door control units is that they are applicable to different market segments or niches, including hotels, corporate buildings, educational institutes, industrial facilities, government buildings, etc.

The door control unit by Be-Tech is fully compatible with the company’s electronic locking systems that’s why it gives a better experience to the users. No matter whether the users are hotel guests or employees, they can have a convenient entry or exit through a specific area. Let’s have a look at the key features of the Be-Tech Door Control Unit.

· Its reader has a modern design available in matte black color (this feature is only available in MJM model)

· It is compatible with twins-reader that mounts on both sides of a passage door (optional to use)

· Compatible with BIS locker and BIS hotel systems

· It comes with an inward wireless “door exit” button to allow an easy “out and go” facility to the hotel guests

· It can work with an electronic  strike, electronic  magnet lock, and Electronic drop belt

· It has a snap-on mounting design that is simple to install on a mounted surface


At present, Be-Tech is offering two models of door control unit i.e. MJM model and 2700 M. The first the model comes with 18VDC supply voltage and 6A supply current whereas the second model comes with 12VDC supply voltage and 2A supply current. The MJM model comes in an individual packing that consists of:

· Door control unit along with a reader

· Control box

· Inward wireless door exit button

On the other hand, Model 2700 M consists of:

· Door control unit along with a reader

· Inward wireless door exit button

As far as the dimension of the MJM reader is concerned, its height is 3058 inch, depth is 1.54 inch, and width is 4.09 inches. The dimension of its relay box include height= 12.2 inch, width= 6.3 inch, and depth is 2.83 inch. The dimension of 2700 M reader is width= 3.07 inch, depth= 0.87 inch, and height= 6.02 inch.

Door control units are very helpful for businesses, regardless of their industry or size. The most common benefits of door control units are stated below:

· Improve ease of access for users

· Get rid of traditional keys

· Save energy and money

· Protect against undesired visitors

· Keep a record of everyone who enters and exits

· Decrease the probability of theft

· Provide access to various locations and buildings

· Comply with security standards

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