Electronic Hotel Cabinet Locks Protect Your Guests and Employees

The main goal of most businesses within the hospitality industry, is, of course, to keep their guests happy by ensuring the best service and protection they have to offer. Numerous hotel and restaurant businesses alike all strive to provide the absolute best they can to their guests. However, some recent events have come to light that suggests the hospitality industry should start to focus a bit more on the protection and safety of their workers, not only their guests. The solution is simple, electric hotel cabinet locks can easily help ensure the safety of workers and guests alike. With the help of a better hotel cabinet locking system, the hospitality industry can achieve both objectives with just one solution.

The events that brought the issue of the hotel cabinet locking systems to people’s notice are very concerning. Within the past couple months, in New York City, there has been a great number of robberies targeting hospitality workers. This group of thieves is just one case in which hospitality workers’ safety and belongings have been compromised.

According to New York City police reports, this group of thieves has committed seven robberies within the past couple months. The way the robberies are committed could be the fault of an outdated hotel cabinet locking system. The thieves sneak into the employee only areas and take the workers possessions, or steal from behind the main desk. The workers who have been stolen from report a great number of their belongings missing; from cellphones to wallets, it’s all gone.

With the use of electronic hotel cabinet locks, such as the Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim Locker, the worker’s belongings could have been saved.  This electronic hotel cabinet  locking system is a perfect solution to ensure the security of hospitality industry worker’s belongings. The Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim (C1000D) is an updated locking system that can replace the use of old fashion locks and keys, which have proven to be not as effective.

Electronic Hotel Cabinet Locks Protect Your Guests and Employees

This Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim Locker electronic hotel cabinet locking system allows multiple user program. If needed, more than one user can access the specialized programmed codes and keys that are required in order to unlock the electronic lock.

Codes and iButton Keys:

The Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim Locker does not come immediately with a preset number of codes or iButton keys. After the lock is installed, users must program the iButton keys and specialized codes.

Owner key (Red) 1 group
Master key (Blue) 5 group
User code 1 group
User key (Black) 1 group (Optional)

Private Function:

The Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim Locker is mostly used for private use. This means that the same code will be shared amongst a number of people and used repeatedly. In the hospitality industry, the locker can be used between a number of workers, this ensures better security than the regular hotel cabinet locking system.

Public Function:

For a simple public function where one single user will use the locker for a short amount of time, and then another person will use it after, the public function is an option. This reliable version of electronic hotel cabinet locks works with the help of a singular 4 to 9-digit personal code. This code is used to open and close the locker, and when the user is done, it is erased and available for use by the next person. Such a public function would be used in a hotel spa for example, where guest’s belongings need to be held for a short amount of time.

The Be-Tech Cyber Digit Slim Locker offers workers and guests a reliable and secure option to use to store their possessions. With the different functions available for use, the locker is easily customized to meet the needs of any kind of use.

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