When Is It Good To Use Digital Door Locks?

That questions it’s actually rhetoric, because it’s always a good idea to use digital door locks. In recent years it’s more than common to see that in hotels the basic and old mechanical door locks have been replaced to more technological ones.

Overall it’s a great investment in any business and not just related to hospitality businesses, because they provide a more secure and safe environment. And this is obvious to see because of the increase of commercial door locks suppliers, both online and in physical stores.

There are various suppliers of this type of technology, a great example is the company that goes by the name of Be-Tech. they are an expert and leader of digital door locks, and in the rest of this article we will describe one of their one type technological products. The lock that goes by the model of V4A3FMT, is a fingerprint, RFID card and touchpad digital door lock, it’s an all in one lock.

First of all, it’s important to now that Be-Tech door locks are suitable for all types of locations, for example:
• Apartments
• Retirement homes
• Student dorms
• Office buildings
• Employee areas in commercial buildings
• Multi-apartment buildings or Condos

So know that is known their locks can be used everywhere, let’s dive deep into some of it’s features. For example this is a lock with a mocha red finish and a 60mm backset gb lockcase. Also like it was mentioned earlier this model can be opened through fingerprints, and RF card and also with a touchpad.

Like we mentioned, Be-Tech specializes in the distribution on various models of digital door locks, so we will name some of the technological features that the V4A3FMT lock, and all the others products, posses.

When Is It Good To Use Digital Door Locks?

• Various access
To start off this model has three access ways: Fingerprint, RF Card key or PIN code. This makes the experience of the user more convenient.

• One-touch Fingerprint Verification
This technology can read a fingerprint in one shot.

• Operation status notification
Whenever any operation is made, like it being tried to open by an user, the LED indicator informs what is happening through different colors.

• Automatic locking
This means that the door lock will be locked automatically after it has been opened a few seconds.

• Anti-panic exit system
In case of any emergency and for the users to feel safe, the door is able to be opened by simply turning its handle from the inside.

• Alarm
An alarm will go off and last for a minute if anyone attempts to open the lock with an incorrect Fingerprint, RF card or PIN code after 5 times.

• Low battery warning signal
A continuous “beep” sound when the door is trying to be used will notify its user that it’s time to replace the batteries.

• Invisible keypad
For a more modern look and experience, the keypad can only be seen only when the user were to touch the screen with their palm.

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