Fingerprint, RFID Card And Touchpad Digital Door Lock: Which One Is The Best Option?

The choice of what door lock should be bought and collocate in a certain location is a very important decision. Each type of digital door lock has its advantages and disadvantages. As well, a certain model of lock might work better for an specific location. Despite that, overall the advantages and technology they provide are more superior that the typical manual locks.

But why decide between a fingerprint, RFID card or touchpad digital door lock? Why not all of them at the same time? Is that even possible?

It is for the company Be-Tech, they have come up with a fingerprint and RFID card and touchpad digital door lock, it also goes by the series name of i7A6FMTW. This option is great for those companies that require different types of security levels, with all those options to open a lock it not only makes it easier to manage but it brings different level of security.

Sounds interesting, right? But what about that product visually? What are some descriptions that it comes with? Some of those are that it’s a Digital Mortise Lock, like it was mentioned before, it possesses fingerprint, RF Card, Touchpad and Bluetooth technology. In terms of what it’s made of is 60mm Backset GB Lockcase and the finish is matt gold.

Fingerprint, RFID Card And Touchpad Digital Door Lock: Which One Is The Best Option?

But enough about how it looks, the defining factor that must convince someone to buy this product is its technological and safety features. Let’s start with the various access this locks has, the Be-Tech i7A6FMTW door lock has four different access solutions, a Bluetooth key, via Fingerprint, with an RF Card key or PIN code. This elevated the comfort and convenience for its users.

It may be difficult to understand technology sometimes but this lock has operation status notification, which means that through LED indicator it informs the user what is happening through different colors.

There are different security measures for example the scramble code and automatic locking. The first one means that the user is able to enter random numbers prior the right password when there is a chance of exposing it to others.

The second one refers that the lock will be closed automatically after opening door after a few seconds.

Another great visual and aesthetic feature is the invisible keypad. As the name suggest the keypad number will only be seen when the user touches the screen with their palm. This gives a more modern look to the lock and the experience of people opening that door.

But not to worry with these technological features because this model of lock comes with a mechanical key override. This means that in the case of an emergency, the lock can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.

As one of the outstanding commercial door locks suppliers, Be-Tech is committed to providing the best door lock system and security protection solution to your hotel or apartment.

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