How Does Hotel RFID Door Lock Work?

Rfid door lock is becoming the main trend in modern hotels all over the world, but do you know what actually rfid card door lock is, how does it work, and what’s the advantages of the hotel rfid door locks? This post would cover the above problems and help you know the essential knowledge.

What is RFID Door Lock?

Before I illustrate how it works, I would first to clear the definition of the rfid door lock, so as to set a primary impression about the rfid door lock. The rfid door lock also is known as rfid key card door lock. Rfid door lock is a door lock that is easy to install and allows the user to easily lock and unlock doors and takes on the radio frequency card as the key. The rfid electronic door is consist of a rfid reader/writer and a magnetic door lock.


Hotel RFID Door Locks

Be-Tech Visual III RFID is one of the most typical hotel electronic door locks in the door lock industry. Although it has simple design, it is concentrated with the complicated safety techniques, such as 3-point stainless steel latch construction with antifriction mechanism & 20mm throw high strength deadbolt, panic release function, etc.

How Do Hotel RFID Door Locks Work?

The rfid lock for door doesn’t require users to insert or swipe a card. Instead, the rfid door locks use proximity and radio frequencies to communicate with the RFID reader on the door, relying on the RFID technology. When a guest comes to check in, the hotel could program the RFID key card to contain check-in individual information, as the magnetic key card door lock does. After that, when the RFID card is presented within sufficient proximity of the reader, the reader on the rfid hotel door lock would automatically read the information stored on the card. If the information matches, the reader on the rfid card door lock would release the lock and the open can be opened. Once the door closes again, the rfid card door lock would automatically lock.

Are Hotel RFID Door Locks Secure: RFID Door Lock Hack

Yes, the RFID entry door lock is a type of hotel electronic door lock that is hard to duplicate. Compared with the traditional physical keys, the rfid door lock key card could restore the individual information so that could restrict unauthorized access. Furthermore, with the development of the hotel electronic door locks, most rfid entry door locks are designed with anti-hack technology.

Take the Be-Tech hotel RFID locks as instance. The Be-Tech overturn the history of the RFID entry door locks. The Be-Tech rfid entry door locks reject re-program FLASH RAM lock memory from outside escutcheon, which means the hacker can not hack the key cards through the mini USB port on an outside escutcheon.

Benefits of RFID Keyless Enetry Lock

A variety of benefits are offered by the RFID keyless entry door lock. Today, I would list three main benefits to let you further understand the RFID door lock: easy to install and use, keyless entry, and spare key not required.

Easy to Install and Use

Compared with other door locks, the rfid door lock installation is more convenient with simple installation procedures. Also, the rfid door lock key card is easy to use. The key card doesn’t require to make physical contact with the lock to open the door. When rfid door lock key card is presented close enough to the reader, it could trigger the system and unlock the door. Because of it, the rfid entry door locks is the wise option for reducing the risk of infection.


RFID Entry Door Locks

Keyless Entry

The physical keys are misplaced or lost because of their unique shape and heavy design. But the RFID door lock key card is more convenient to carry around. The thin slice design of the key card allows users to place it into a wallet or clip it to a shirt.

Spare Key Not Required

Generally speaking, a traditional hotel door lock comes with a set of spare physical keys, in case of the loss of the original physical keys. As for the hotel rfid door locks, the above fear can be eliminated, because the rfid door lock key card can be reset and get the authorization, the hotel don’t need to spend additional cost in replacing locks and keys from time to time.


In the modern days, the safety and security of the guests still are two of the areas that the hotelier should pay more attention to. The contactless service and lost keys are the hassles faced by all hoteliers. The hotel rfid door locks are the best solution to these problems and they also allow hoteliers to track rfid door lock key card activity and present the state of the door lock battery.

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