Budget-Friendly Hotel Door Locks of All Time

When starting the hotel business, the budget will be one of the major considerations as you have many things to commence at the same time. However, you are never ready to lose all you have invested at one time. As a result of this, you need to get the best security measure for your hotel, which gives you a guarantee of the best security you need.

Any hotel will need to restrict its guests’ movement to specific areas through which one can gain access to allowed areas. The Be-Tech BASE RFID (9004 SERIES) will ease the reprogramming of each guest using the RFID system.

Be-Tech with a long experience in the production of security locks, you are sure of getting the best. This door lock of the BASE RFID (9004 SERIES) model is specifically made for use in hotels. This, therefore, makes it suit the specific environment with the specific needs of any hotel.

How Be-Tech BASE RFID (9004 SERIES)

· This amazing electronic hotel lock uses the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, which is one of the reliable as well as the latest technologies in the market.

· The significance of the RFID technology is that it provides a con tactless operation together with the cost-effectiveness of using such a technology on the electronic door locks.

· This RFID technology will identify people as well as objects through the use of radio waves. With the combination of the electronic door lock, you can have full control on the door on who gets access to the door.

· The RFID technology will go together with a certain card, key fob. This will be the one to be identified and then allow access to several areas in the hotel easily.

Budget-Friendly Hotel Door Locks of All Time

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology Specs

The technology used in this hotel electronic door lock include the following;

· 13.56Hz technology

· Compatible with the ISO 14443A (MIFARE Classic) Standard for quality maintenance

· It contains 11 free sectors you can use in the future for an all-in-one card application.

Benefits of using Be-Tech BASE RFID (9004 SERIES) Hotel Door Lock

The Be-Tech Base RFID (9004 Series) electronic door lock is made with hotels in mind. This is in consideration of the number of guests received by hotels and areas that need to be accessed in the hotel locations.

Below are some of the amazing benefits you enjoy on using this hotel door locks;

· Features a zinc alloy handle, which is durable. In addition to this, it contains a lasting paint finish hence suitable for hotels.

· Contains a high-security mortise lock case of stainless steel, which include the Euro, AUS as well as the ANSI versions

· It is suitable for guests with physical disabilities through which it is ADA compliant

· Features a Flash RAM lock memory through which it can be reprogrammed in the future

· It can be used with the BIS hotel software platform as they are compatible

· It comes with a panic release function through which the latch, as well as the deadbolt, are retracted using the inside handle at the points of emergency.

Product Specs

· High-quality materials with handles being made of Zinc Alloy while the lock body is made of stainless steel material

· The brand name of the product is Be-Tech

· The product model is BASE RFID (9004 SERIES)

· Can get into different door thicknesses ranging from 35mm to 80mm for the Euro mortise

· Features metal finishes of different colors, including Mocha Red, Brown, and Silver. Therefore, you can choose the best that goes with the decor of your hotel.

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