What’s A Good Company That Produces A Good Hotel Locking System?

Be-Tech Electronic Hotel Card Lock BASE II ‘LEVER’ RFID is described by the company as a stylish cylindrical latch solution that combines innovative design and skilled engineering to be accomplish a multifaceted security product that not only works perfectly but is a great addition to the decoration of any hotel. It not only seamlessly integrates with existing Be-Tech installations but overall will upgrade safety for guests and for the hotel itself.

This Be-Tech RFID card smart lock product is perfect to upgrade any already existing mechanical locking systems but also for improving back-of-house controls in any hotel. Like it was mentioned it is able to integrate with other Be-Tech products as it is based on the same platform as other Be-Tech RFID locking system items, thus making it compatible with BIS HOTEL software platform.

In regards of the technological specification of this product, it has 13.56MHz technology, which is able to be compatible with the ISO 14443 A standard (MIFARE Classic), it also has eleven free sectors that work with any future all-in-one card application use.

What's A Good Company That Produces A Good Hotel Locking System?

Other features are that it is a standalone electronic lock with RFID technology, which is what is suggested in the name of the product. Because of the way it was designed and manufactured this product can easily replace existing mechanical door locks without any time and money consumed fixings.

Be-Tech’s products are all ADA compliant, which means they are easy to use for everyone, even guest with physical disabilities. As well as being compatible with the system software: BIS Hotel, also they all have anti-panic exit system, which is a very important feature for user to feel safer, this feature means that in case of emergency, it allows the user to open the door by simply turning its handle from the inside.

Other important details are that it has 414 events audit trail, it has a re-programmable FLASH RAM lock memory and to be able to properly work it needs four AA batteries which will be able to provide up to 1 year of normal life time of the lock, these batteries are located inside of the back lock for safe keeping. Last but not least this electric door lock has an electro-mechanical locking mechanism as the name suggests.

In conclusion, we encourage that people acquire their products from Be-Tech as they have over 27 years of experience on the market, and they have stablished themselves in China as a being a world-class, high quality producer of security products – with an emphasis on electronic locks.

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