What Is The Best Style Of Commercial Door Lock?

The best type of commercial door lock will depend on what are the requirements of the place where this will be collocated. Not only that but also what color and material someone wantsthe locks to be, this will mostly be for people who like things to look coherent and beautiful.

Another factor that will change the answer is what type of technology is best needed, some commercial door locks will work best for apartments and some other will be best for office buildings. So with all this options what needs to be done is a lot of research, so when buying time comes around, the best choice has been made.

The most important thing might be the supplierfrom who the product is boughtfrom. Nowadays,there are a lot of door lock manufacturers thankingto the amount of demand of commercial door locks, this will mean that some of them that are found will be selling low quality products for cheap. Sometimes is necessary to make an investment in a product that might be more expensive but will provide better results. The perfect scenery would be to find a company with the best price to quality relation, and thankfully there are some that fit this.

What Is The Best Style Of Commercial Door Lock?

One of the brandis Be-Tech which focus on smart lock since 1992, they are a professional manufacturer of commercial door locks, hotel lock and digital door lock. They have a long list of high quality products that range from locks specially made for hotels and specially made for apartments or offices. The good thing about them is that all of their products are guaranteed to have top quality features using top notch technology. Not only that but the materials used will be the best and won’t be easily damaged.

For example, their product that goes by the name of I7A6FMTW, this is a fingerprint, mobile key, RFID card and touchpad digital door lock, this comes in different type of finishes like Matt gold. But like all the other products of this company, this unique door lock possesses some features.

One of them is the operation status notification, this refers to that when any operation is made on this commercial doorlock, there will be a indicating LED lightwill be different colors or signs in order to inform the user something wrong happening. For example, a continuous “beep” sound during the usage of the door lock will notifytheusers that the batteries are low and need to be replaced.

All of the products have a mechanical key override, this is for safety reasons the lock will be able to be opened with a mechanical key as well as simply opening the door from the inside by turning it’s handle.

The greatest feature might be its diversity, for it being opened with a fingerprint it can register up to 100 fingerprints, for the RFID card keys it can have up to 100 keys (one of them being a master and the other 99 being regular user keys).

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