What To Take In Consideration With Smart Lock Suppliers

Whenever anyone wants to make a purchase, especially one that is done online where it’s impossible to see the product in person, a lot of research should be make prior the buy. Let´s focus now on the smart lock suppliers market, they promote themselves to almost any company as their product have a large variety and are able to accommodate almost any needs of potential customers and in any location.

But let´s make this example even more specific, this way you, the reader, will be able to empathize with this more and will be able to use this example in any other situation. So, let’s talk about smart lock suppliers and the stock that they have for modern hotels, it´s important that they are modern and stylish locations because this type of technology is not able to fit in every environment, especially in the most rustic of locations.

So, let´s talk about a hotel that is modern and has a lot of high-class facilities, probably the people in charge would prefer the best and best products to decorate the hallways of them, and this is where the locks come into place. We mention decoration but safety should not be left behind, and both of them are able to merge in hotel locks, it should be a great high-quality product, with a great design but that doesn’t leave the safety of a location behind.

For example, Be-Tech has a lot of different products, for example SHADOW II RFID series, which is especially designed to be used in those hotels that desire to ensure that the door locks blends perfectly with the necessary hardware and hallways of the hotel.

Like it was mentioned this product will most likely be used in contemporary and modern hotel environments. This is because this product has as a goal to enhance the overall image of the corridor with a perfect blend from the lock’s design and the hotel decoration style.

What To Take In Consideration With Smart Lock Suppliers

So, it’s clear that with Be-Tech costumers will buy a stylish product but what about the technical aspects? We’ll dive into some details that make this company stand out from the rest but if you are not convinced and you want to look for other companies, some aspects to take in consideration should be similar to the ones listed below.

i. In regards to the RFID Specification:

a)   It possesses 13.56MHz technology.

b)   It´s compatible with the following standard: ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Classic)

ii. In regards to the Technical Data:

a)   This lock is able to power with 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

b)   And the battery is inside of the door

c)   The materials of the door lock are: the handles are made of stainless steel with quality SUS304. and in regards of the metal finishes of the locks is either Silver or Matte Black.

d)   The optimal thickness of a door where this lock would be installed in are from 35-60mm.

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