What’s The Best Lock For Apartment or Office Buildings ?

Choosing the perfect lock is a difficult choice for the builders of new apartment complexes of office buildings. This is because there are a lot of options for commercial door locks in the market, this might be a good thing but it might be overwhelming for some.

Another thing that people will have to keep in mind is that both of these buildings will have people constantly entering and exiting the building and using the door locks, so it is necessary that the right lock is chosen.

But is not only about choosing the right one, is about choosing a door lock that has the right descriptions, that will fit the job, but as well are made of high quality materials. As we mentioned, this might be difficult because of the amount of commercial door locks’ suppliers, some of themmight not be trustworthy, so a lot of research needs to be done before deciding on one trustworthycommercial door locks’ supplier.

A great example of a good company is the one that goes by the name of Be-Tech. this is aprofessional and experiencedmanufacturer of commercial door locks, especially for this example of apartment and office buildings. They have a lot of different choices, all of them made out of very resistant materials with very high end finishes.

What’s The Best Lock For Apartment or Office Buildings ?

For example,one of their products fills in the category of fingerprint,RFID card and touchpad digital door lock, the exact name of the product being I8A1FMT. As the name suggest this type of lock has the different types of way of being opened, which is very convenient. Not only does it has that advantage but it comes in a great color combination which is: champagne gold and black, this means that the lock will fit perfectly in any room as it has some very neutral colors. The material that it is made out off is stainless steel, which makes it a very durable and safe to use product.

Still not convinced that this is what you need? Then keep on reading to know about some of its specifications, this way you will know if this door lock is the one for the office building or apartment complex that you are building.

This type of lock is perfect for those door with a thickness of 40 to 80 mm. It can work in any type of environment as it has been tested and it is able to work in temperatures ranging from -20°C~60°C. As well as in places where humidity can range from 20%~98%±2RH. This is great because no matter where tin the world they are bought, they will be able to work in perfect condition.

The best feature still might be how made codes it can create, in terms of the fingerprints it can create up to 81 groups, in terms of the card keys it can create up to 41 keys, 1 Master key & 40 User keys and in relation to the user codes it can create up to 11 groups.

Don’t hesitate to contact Be-Tech for any inquiry or further information about this I8A1FMTcommercial door lock.

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